Deepening Sino-Israeli Innovation Cooperation, Optimizing the Ecological Environment for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Latest News on Major Sino-Israeli Events

In order to implement the Action Plan for China-Israel Innovation Cooperation (2018-2021), actively respond to innovation cooperation between Chinese and Israeli enterprises, and create a more pragmatic and effective environment and platform for government-guided China-Israel innovation cooperation, the National Center for Technology Transfer East (NCTE) participated on November 26, 2020, in the 2020 Fourth Annual China-Israel Innovation Conference co-organized by the China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC), the Israel Innovation Agency (IAI) and the Israel Foreign Trade Agency (IFTA). China-Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the 6th China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Conference and the 3rd INNOWEEK China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Achievements Exhibition.

Li Yiping, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai CPPCC, Avi Luvton, Acting Deputy Director General of Innovation Israel, Ariel Braverman, Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, and Wu Cheng, Deputy Director of the China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC), delivered speeches at the conference.

This year's Genesis gatheringLife sciences, smart technology, agriculture and environmental protectionIn the three fields, Israeli innovative companies that have cooperated with China are invited to participate in order to promote innovation cooperation and exchange of ideas between Chinese and Israeli companies. In the field of finals.Fosun, Wicresoft, Medicilon, VaBio, KD Intelligence, Chipchip, Shenzhou SoftwareSeven large enterprises, including the Chinese side, have successfully selected their preferred Israeli enterprises on behalf of the Chinese side and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with them.

At the Roundtable Forum of China-Israel Innovation Cooperation, Mr. Zou Shujun, CEO of National Technology Transfer, as the Vice President of Shanghai China-Israel Innovation Promotion Center, participated in the Roundtable Forum on "China-Israel Innovation Development Strategy in the Context of Yangtze River Delta Integration and Regional Synergy", and focused on the theme of "Yangtze River Delta Interoperability and Integration in the Context of China-Israel Bilateral Cooperation". Preaching.

Since taking over the construction of the China-Israel technology transfer platform in 2018, the Eastern Center has been actively promoting China-Israel technology work and working to accelerate the development of technology factor market construction that meets the needs of both places. Through this activity, the Eastern Center will further connect Israeli factors with domestic resources, establish effective communication mechanisms and cooperation methods, and in the future will further improve the construction of channels for domestic enterprises to exchange technology internationally, helping high-quality international technology "bring in" and advanced domestic technology "go out ", to help China build a science and technology highland with global influence.

Background information

The Shanghai China-Israel Innovation Promotion Center (SIIPC) is a comprehensive service organization created and supervised by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and co-sponsored by the China-Israel Shanghai Innovation Center (Lehighway), East China Normal University, East China National Technology Transfer Center, Taopu Zhichuang and Rong Intellectual Property, with the aim of gathering resources from universities, institutes, capital and service organizations in Shanghai. We provide services in research and development, technology incubation, transformation of achievements, fund investment and talent exchange, and build a two-way carrier to promote innovation and intercommunication.

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