Registration Training Session for Technology Contract Recognition and InnoExpress Smart City Roadshow Successfully Held

 In the afternoon of November 25, in order to help enterprises, institutions and science and technology teams to better understand the whole process of transaction services from front-end to back-end of the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market and Minhang District Science and Technology Commission held a technology transaction elements matchmaking event, especially organized the back-end technology contract registration policy and domestic and overseas technology achievement matchmaking activities. Li Ming, deputy director of the office, and Comrade Huang Jichen conducted the training on the registration of technical contract recognition, and more than 30 representatives from enterprises and institutions such as Gleaner Medical Technology, Linxi Intellectual Property, and Wei-Ti Technology attended the event.

The registration of technology contract is an important system to encourage the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and to regulate technology transactions, which is a necessary basis for the implementation of relevant national preferential policies. Mr. Huang Jichen from the Technology Management Office of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission was specially invited to provide systematic training on the basics of technology market, preferential tax policies and rules of technology contract registration, as well as to answer the questions of the participants and the online audience, so as to further standardize the technology contract registration work and enhance the operational awareness of enterprises and service organizations.

After the training, the Shanghai International Technology Exchange and Innospace also hosted the Inno Express Series 2020 - Smart Cities, where six teams from around the world in fields such as AI and new retail were on display, including The roadshow also featured a new digital retail system using IoT technology, a distributed IoT network for a smart city, a 3D digital twin interaction platform, a digital AR new retail system, an AI-based asset management software for city gas pipeline network, and material sensing and detection spectroscopy technology. In addition, the roadshow also invited Mr. Canming Yan, Vice President of Tigris Capital, who has rich experience in the smart city field, and other senior investors to give comments and questions and answers on the projects.

The technology factor matching and training activities to help promote the progress of technology transfer and transformation of science and technology-based enterprises and service organizations have received a lot of attention and participation. In the future, Shanghai International Technology Exchange will continue to work with various channels to bring even more exciting activities to enterprises and people from various industries, so stay tuned.

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