"Training Plus Matchmaking", the first China-Korea online technical cooperation meeting was held successfully

From November 2 to 4, 2020, jointly hosted by the National Technology Transfer East Center (hereinafter referred to as the "East Center"), Korea Small and Medium Enterprises Corporation (KSMEC) and DaeGuang Consulting (Shanghai) Co. "The 1st China-Korea Online Technology Cooperation Fair 2020 was successfully held at the Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market.

The event adopted the model of "Training + Matchmaking". On the first day of the opening event, the organizer organized a special lecture on "Chinese market and patent application status" for Korean enterprises to help them better understand the actual situation of the transfer of domestic scientific and technological achievements. In the following two days, the organizers prepared a targeted and intensive docking for Korean enterprises.

Eight Korean enterprises from the fields of medical and health, food safety, electronic information and other fields made an appearance, and more than 20 Chinese enterprises took turns to conduct one-on-one matchmaking, and the number of negotiation sessions reached 26. Most of the enterprises expressed that they would conduct further discussion on various forms of cooperation after the meeting. The East Center will continue to follow up the projects and actively promote the technical and industrial cooperation between China and Korea.

This event is the second time that Eastern Center co-organizes a China-Korea online project matchmaking event with Dagang Consulting. Since 2019, Daiguang Enterprise Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co. has been involved in the construction of Shanghai's international channel collaboration platform, which was initiated by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and actually executed by the Eastern Center. Most of the Chinese organizations participating in this event were also recommended by other service organizations on the synergistic platform to participate in domestic enterprises based on Korean project matching corresponding industries, truly forming a combined effect of synergistic promotion of international project landing.

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