Serving CRE, the first World Technology Managers Summit 2020 was successfully held.

As an important link between scientific and technological achievements and the innovation needs of enterprises, technology managers play an important role in global scientific and technological innovation and in promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. To further promote international technology transfer industry exchange and innovation service development, the first World Technology Managers Summit 2020 was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Minhang District People's Government of Shanghai, organized by the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center and co-organized by the Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market. Chen Yujian, Deputy Secretary of Minhang District Party Committee and Mayor of Minhang District, Shanghai, and Lu Min, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, attended the summit and delivered speeches.

The summit invited Andy Sierakowski, Co-Chairman of the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN), Gil Granot-Mayer, former CEO of Yeda Institute, London Science and Technology Ambassadors, to discuss the dilemmas and case studies in the whole chain of technology transfer and transformation, including university institutes, enterprises, technology intermediaries and service agencies. Russ Shaw, Chair, Global Advocacy Group for Science and Technology (GAGST), on "The critical role of university technology transfer in the innovation cycle", "Challenges and opportunities for basic science in commercialization", "The role of science and technology enthusiasts and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the innovation cycle". A video on "How Technology Enterprise Network Promotes Global Technology Transfer" was shared. The sharing comprehensively demonstrated the challenges and opportunities faced by each entity in the chain of technology transfer from multiple perspectives, including universities and institutes, enterprises and technology advocates.

One of the key topics of the summit was the international collaboration on technological innovation and the exploration of open innovation models for large enterprises. Dr. Felix Mösner, Science and Technology Consul at the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai, Taake Manning, Science and Technology Counsellor at the Embassy of the Netherlands in China, Bart Boschmans, Commercial Consul of Flanders at the Consulate General of Belgium in Shanghai, Martin RuneHoxer, Director of Innovation Centre at the Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai, Martin RuneHoxer, Director of Innovation Centre at the Consulate General of the United Kingdom in Shanghai, and Martin RuneHoxer, Director of Innovation Centre at the Consulate General of Denmark in Shanghai. Consul of Consulate General of China for Science, Technology and Innovation, Steven Bu, held a round-table discussion on Sino-foreign exchanges and cooperation in the field of innovation, and gave sincere advice to the development of Chinese technology enterprises from the perspective of international collaboration. Fosun Group, Baowu Wusongkou Innovation Park, Hope Innovation Platform of Haier Group, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Publicis Power Media and other representatives of the innovation platforms of well-known enterprises at home and abroad exchanged views on the innovation mechanisms and models of their platforms.

In addition, the conference also witnessed the signing of the Shanghai International Textile Science and Technology Innovation Center to deepen the transfer of vertical science and technology results and a series of international channels and international technology transfer service providers in the Minhang National Science and Technology Results Transfer Demonstration Zone, as well as the signing of the Sino-British Friendship Hospital. As a special supporter of the event, Minhang District of Shanghai has built a global technology transfer network and a number of technology innovation centers in specific industries, and has brought together a number of well-known technology transfer institutions at home and abroad based on the Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market in the construction of the National Technology Achievement Transfer Demonstration Zone.

The afternoon of the "2020 First World Technology Managers Summit (China Session)" was organized by the China Technology Market Association, Shanghai Technology Market Management Office, hosted by the National Technology Transfer East Center, Shanghai Technology Market Association, Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market, with the special support of Minhang District People's Government.

At the beginning of the summit, Mr. Tao Yuanxing, President of China Technology Market Association, and Mr. Zhou Jing, Secretary of the Party Branch and Deputy Director of Shanghai Technology Market Management Office, delivered speeches. Then, Guo Shugui, President of China Technology Exchange, Chen Boqiang, Deputy Director of the Technology Transfer Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, Shi Goff, General Manager of Beijing Pehong Wangzhi Technology Co.

Combining Chinese characteristics and the characteristics of the new era, the guests discussed the new practice of technology transfer, the new understanding of technology brokerage profession, the new ecology of new university industry-university-research and the new synergy of technology transfer service institutions, which triggered high resonance and thinking of the participants on the spot. The competition of the future is the competition of knowledge and technology, the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating, innovation achievements must be transformed to promote economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading, and the circulation and integration of various elements of the technology market are having a profound and extensive impact on the process of economic and social development. After years of development, China has the potential to produce world-class scientific research results, but its results management and operation capacity still needs to be strengthened, high-level technology transfer service institutions are still lacking, and there are gaps in international technology transfer talents. Therefore, building more such platforms, bringing together domestic top technology managers and technology transfer service providers, in-depth discussions and exchanges, forming a positive synergy, will be a strong impetus to break the bottleneck in the development of the technology manager market and guide the rapid and healthy transformation and development of the domestic technology market.

Innovative services to guard every kilometer of the transfer of scientific and technological achievements. Technology transfer is a systematic and complex work, and the World Technology Managers Summit will continue to focus on the contemporary participants in the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, build an international exchange platform, and help the growth and development of the industry.

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