Bringing together innovative energy to provide intellectual support

On September 18, the third Xuzhou-Shanghai University and Institute Matching Cooperation Symposium was held in Shanghai International Convention Center. More than 230 domestic and foreign experts and scholars from European Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China National Building Material and other universities and high-tech enterprises gathered together to talk about development.

As one of the early and pilot centers in the national technology transfer industry, the East National Technology Transfer Center was invited to attend the meeting. During the meeting, witnessed by Zhuang Zhaolin, Deputy Secretary of Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Xuzhou, and Xie Wenlan, Deputy Director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Xia Youfeng, Deputy Director of Xuzhou Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee, and Zou Shujun, CEO of NTME, signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the Project to Build the Xuzhou Branch of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center".

In the future, the East National Technology Transfer Center will establish Xuzhou Branch Center together with Xuzhou City, to cooperate in building an information sharing platform, promoting technology transfer and transformation, exchanging scientific and technological resources, and building a talent training base, etc., to help Xuzhou local demand release, fruit transformation and industrial talent cultivation, so as to promote more high-level talents to choose Xuzhou and more high-quality projects. By settling in Xuzhou, more high-tech resources will be gathered in Xuzhou, injecting great momentum into Xuzhou to create a regional model for implementing the new development concept.

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