Leveraging the advantages of the platform to help Shanghai-Zhuhai science and technology cooperation bear fruitful results

Under the months-long docking service of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, on the morning of September 11, 2020, Guizhou Wansheng Pharmaceutical Co. The service cooperation agreement was signed in the presence of relevant leaders from Shanghai and Zunyi, and the handover ceremony of the first batch of encapsulated experimental drugs was completed. Zou Shujun, CEO of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Li Weinan, Deputy Director of Zunyi Science and Technology Bureau, Lu Zhuxin, Deputy Director of Zunyi Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee, Luo Guiqiang, Director of Zunyi Hi-Tech Zone Science and Technology Bureau, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

According to the deployment arrangement of the State Council on East-West collaboration and development of Shanghai's counterpart in Zunyi, the frequent linkage between Shanghai and Zunyi, in order to better serve the innovation and development of local enterprises in Zunyi and to empower local enterprises with science and technology services, with the care and support of the leaders of Shanghai and Zunyi, the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center was officially inaugurated in 2018 in the Zunyi City High-tech Zone as the Zunyi Branch of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center ( (hereinafter referred to as "Zunyi Sub-center"). The Zunyi Sub-center is an important measure to help Zunyi's development, and an important strategic plan to implement the innovation-driven development strategy and to bring the city's science and technology achievement transformation services to a new level.

The Zunyi Branch Center has been established to promote the effective connection between technological innovation needs and technological achievements through a series of services, such as global achievement information sharing, large enterprise innovation consulting, technology transfer services and technology transfer broker training, to promote the integration of innovation elements in the two regions, to help Zunyi build a bridge between Shanghai's science and technology resources, to create a good collaborative innovation ecology and to cultivate the local ecological soil for technology transfer. Use of technology transfer to promote the exchange of innovative elements and resources between Shanghai and Zunyi, which will lead to the industrial upgrading and development of a series of related enterprises in the Zunyi region.

In the process of serving Zunyi, the Eastern Center has fully leveraged its local presence through the 5th China Innovation Challenge (Yangtze River Delta Regional Integrated Development Competition) and the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge to help companies select the most suitable solution among the many solutions available through a "competition and crowdsourcing" approach. Program. In May this year, the Zunyi branch center released six technical requirements through the "Innovation Challenge" platform, and in response to the technical service needs of Wansheng Pharmaceuticals in Guizhou, the demand distribution system has fully exerted its catalytic role of "gathering the wisdom and strength of the people" to link up with the whole country in Shanghai. The university technology market, through the establishment of multi-channel communication, multiple docking feedback to follow up closely, which ultimately led to the supply and demand sides to work together to achieve win-win cooperation. The smooth cooperation between Wansheng Pharmaceutical and State TCM is another milestone for the Shanghai-Zunyi science and technology support, meanwhile, the supply and demand of many Zunyi enterprises are also advancing in an orderly manner, which is believed to bear fruit soon.

In the future, the Eastern Center will continue to serve as a bridge between "Shanghai-Zunyi" and "Shanghai-Zunyi" to help each other in science and technology. With the Zunyi Sub-center as a link, the Eastern Center will give full play to the value of the platform, actively promote the cooperation between the two sides around technology transfer, continue to focus on local industries with special characteristics, realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, help the construction and development of the science and technology system in Zunyi, and revitalize the local community. Science and technology service market to better serve local enterprises and industries and continue to provide professional, customized and international science and technology services to Zunyi. Create a new highland in southwest China for technology transfer services through the introduction of technology resources, innovation elements and high-end services.

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