Deep Collaboration and Innovation, Eastern Center Wins Fosun's Most Valuable Partner of the Year Award

On September 7, Fosun Group held the first Fosun FC2M Conference - Global Eco-Supply Chain Summit in Sanya, with the theme of "Global Expansion, Eco-Win-Win", and invited more than 500 global suppliers, including Alibaba, Siemens, HP, Starbucks, Hikvision, Haier, Jingdong, and the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, to participate. Renowned enterprises and industrial chain partners gathered together to focus on the ecological reconstruction of the global industrial chain after the baptism of the epidemic. Mr. Zou Shujun, CEO and Mr. Chen Chao, Vice President of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, were invited to attend the conference.

During the summit, Mr. Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International, highlighted that Fosun Group and the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center (NTETC) have launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation in terms of innovation ecology in the global ecological supply chain layout, and the NTETC provides its customers with better quality and technologically advanced products and services in the FC2M ecology. In addition, the East China National Technology Transfer Center is honored to receive the Fosun 2020 Most Valuable Partner Award.

As early as June 22nd this year, Fosun Group officially signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center in Shanghai. During the same period, Fosun Group opened a Fosun Innovation Session at the 2020 China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge. At present, the Fosun Innovation Session of the International Innovation Challenge has released 27 innovation demands from various sectors of Fosun Group in two batches, covering artificial intelligence, AVR technology, blockchain technology, smart elderly care, medical devices, food technology and other fields, and has received a total of 103 solutions from domestic and international partners, and after preliminary screening and initial docking, 16 collaborations have been promoted in depth.

It is worth mentioning that the demand of "video image based AI behavior analysis system" proposed by Fosun's Fudi Group, through the docking of the service ecology of the eastern center, together with Fosun Group's product creation center, organized online roadshow, offline inspection, service agencies last mile service, etc., only five months, the demand and the Shenzhen pole. Perspective reached the cooperation intention and both sides entered into the substantial contract signing stage. On the basis of this demand docking, the two sides also further in-depth discussion, formed a preliminary intention to cooperate in the construction of AI systematization of intelligent site management center station.

In the coming October, Fosun Group will participate in the Global Technology Transfer Conference as an exhibitor, and the National Center for Technology Transfer East will also cooperate with Fosun Group based on the construction of industrial innovation ecology. In the future, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages in industry and channels, and work together to promote the formation of a new mode, pattern and format of industrial innovation development, with domestic large cycle as the main body and domestic and international double cycle promoting each other.

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