Artificial Intelligence Session

Yesterday afternoon, organized by the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, the Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market, and InnoSpace.The second session of the 2020 International Technology Express Series--Artificial Intelligence Technology SessionsRounding out.
Due to the epidemic, the Shanghai International Technology Market (SITM) has adopted an online-only approach, with the support and guidance of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Minhang District Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Nan Hong Qiao Investment Development Co. International technology direct train series of activities to promote the early docking and communication of overseas technological achievements. At the beginning of the event, Yifei Jiang, Deputy Director of Hongqiao International Trade Development Center, first introduced Hongqiao International Import Commodities Exhibition and Trading Center, and welcomed the guests to visit and settle down with overseas innovative enterprises. Afterwards, Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market introduced its service value in promoting international achievements to land. After the technology roadshow, a number of project teams from Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and the Ukraine exchanged ideas on the topic of artificial intelligence. Among them.Respeecher, Ukrainian Voice Change Software Projecta voice change software based on AI technology that enables users to change their voices and synthesize speech, which has already begun a partnership with a Hollywood studio.WaveScan, the world's first non-contact transparent millimeter resolution artificial intelligence driven scanning technology from Singapore(b) The enterprise, which focuses on research and development of smart sensor systems and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms based on interfering beamforming electromagnetics, has developed a millimetre-scale non-contact smart scanner system capable of penetrating materials such as tiles, PVC, building facades, concrete, wood panels, etc., to inspect infrastructure, etc..Hong Kong Travel and Lifestyle Upgrade AI Digital Solutions Project TravelFlanThe self-developed machine learning engine can collect and analyze more than 20 million data points per week to provide system accuracy and high efficiency, and has already cooperated with China Mobile, Samsung Group, SITA and many airlines.
DACHScreative, a leading global artificial intelligence B2B market monitoring, market research and data analysis service project, helps clients extract valuable data from billions of online exchanges, distribution networks, and go-to-market channels to stay ahead of the curve so they can transform in a new digital reality. From Singapore.AI Artificial Intelligence Cloud Project for Robots, Motus Operandi, which focuses on helping manufacturing robots provide intelligent operational solutions, provides software solutions for optimizing industrial robots/manipulators. By reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity, operating costs are reduced and revenues are maximized.Financial data intelligence firm Digital Walker focuses on Chinese capital marketsBy developing AI algorithms and products with true financial intelligence, the Company provides B- and C-party customers with easy-to-use and effective alternative data, knowledge graphs, intelligent financial search engines and other financial information services, thereby universally broadening the knowledge and value boundaries of China's financial sector. The company is one of the companies that have achieved the largest number of paying customers in the field of intelligent financial data, and has well-known university customers such as Beiqing and Fucang, as well as domestic and international securities fund customers, including Haitong International. Since its launch, the 2020 International Technology Express series has beenIt has received widespread attention and participation, with technological achievements from overseas in various fields attracting the interest of participants. Next month, Shanghai International Technology Exchange will launch two more online roadshows to continue to bring you more international project showcases. Stay tuned and don't miss out on great content!
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