Challenge event creativity is strong, preparation for the final showcased - Challenge final mobilization meeting was held successfully

It took more than seven months from April this year to collect requirements and solutions from enterprises. With the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the active excavation and collection by 114 Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Service Platform and National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, as well as the full cooperation of science and technology enterprises and service organizations, 315 effective requirements have been collected so far. Nearly one hundred intent to connect. The final of this year's Innovation Challenge is scheduled for December 20, 2018, and the competition is expected to be divided into three sessions: a project roadshow, a demand release and a special showcase.
In the afternoon of November 12, the mobilization meeting of the 3rd China Innovation Challenge was held in the East National Technology Transfer Center. 22 service providers gathered together, Mr. Liang Bing from the Innovation Service Department of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission presided over the meeting, Mr. Huang Yanzhe, Director of Shanghai International Technology Mall, East National Technology Transfer Center, and Mr. Tang Xudong, Deputy General Manager of 114 Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Service Platform attended the meeting.

First of all, Ms. Liang Bing had an in-depth exchange with the service organizations that participated in the Special Competition Challenge of the competition. The special competition is the highlight and key promotion event of this year's Innovation Challenge Competition, involving six leading service organizations in six industry sectors, including new materials, AI, large enterprise cooperation, clean technology, smart medical, and blockchain, including Shanghai Flying Sky Technology Co. Shanghai Institute of Technology and the Blockchain Industry Center at the Eastern Center for National Technology Transfer. The industry-specific events reflect the depth of innovation in mature or new industries, while the multiple events in parallel reflect the breadth of the competition.

Next, Mr. Liang Bing from the Innovation Service Department of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission gave a detailed and targeted explanation and mobilization on the specific issues of the competition, such as the docking of innovation resources, incentive policies, competition procedures, and innovation voucher policy support of the participating service organizations. On the other hand, the competition between service organizations as technology providers and solutions providers must not be an individual competition, but a cooperative effort. This is also in line with the innovation concept of "open innovation of large enterprises" and "Yangtze River Delta collaboration". The service providers present here agreed, and made it clear that they would respond positively, openly and fully to the competition. After all, win-win is the real win!
China Innovation Challenge hopes to fully release the innovation potential of "private masters", promote innovation and market demand, promote cross-border innovation through interdisciplinary innovation, input original scientific and technological achievements for enterprise innovation, and form a new pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship in which everyone participates in innovation and everyone challenges demand. With 37 days to go before the finals, I believe all participants are actively preparing for the competition, let's wait and see!

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