Shanghai International Hacker Competition (UK) Successfully Concluded

On August 11, 2016, under the guidance of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, hosted by the Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center and the National Technology Transfer East Center, and co-hosted by the Upper Bay Valley Innovation Center (BVIC) and TechNode, the 2016 Shanghai First International Makers Competition held its UK final at Google Campus in London. The UK competition was hosted by Cocoon Networks.

Eight outstanding projects from the fields of healthcare, digital media, smart city and smart life competed for the title. In the end, Eva Diagnostics, a mini blood monitor with 30 seconds to monitor hemoglobin level and blood cell pressure accumulation level, won the championship. Combat Medical, a warm chemotherapy device for the treatment of bladder cancer, and Lightvert, a new outdoor media technology developed using visual transient phenomena, took second and third place. With the exception of EvaDiagnostics, which will advance to the Shanghai finals in September and successfully compete against other finalists in the competition, the top three teams will receive free membership to Cocoon Networks' European Innovation Centre, giving them free access to a number of services within the European Innovation Centre.


The UK final attracted a total of 200 attendees and was hosted by Tom Butterworth, Head of Silicon Valley Bank; Marian Gazdik, Head of StartupGrind, the world's largest startup community; Jeffrey Tijssen, London Tech Ambassador; Kathy Yu, Head of KPMG Tech Growth; and Cocoon Networks Founder and CEO, Seungbong Jae, made up a strong panel of judges who interacted with the audience on several occasions, culminating in the competition.


Follow along below to reveal the smart inventions that the three winners have created to transform everyday life.


Champion Team: EvaDiagnostics, Healthcare


Eva Diagnostics' technology was developed at Imperial College London in 2013 and is the first of its kind to eliminate the need for a laboratory. The blood draw autoradiography equipment, which takes only 30 seconds to test hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. 



Runner-up team: CombatMedical in Healthcare


Combat Medical, a thermo-thermal medical device company from Spain, has developed a combined anti-tumor thermo-thermal bladder recirculation system that has been used in more than 10,000 bladder cancer treatments.

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Third Place Team: Lightvert Digital Media Domain


Lightvert's ECHO is a new super-scale display technology that projects large posters in the air without a screen. ECHO is a new super-scale display technology that relies on the phenomenon of visual transience to create flat images up to 200m in size, the largest digital image in the world, simply by projecting vertically aligned lights. Lightvert has already worked with a large number of advertising agencies and real estate companies to create a revolution and wave of outdoor digital media.


In the review session, the panel of judges reviewed various innovative products and made suggestions on potential problems, market entry strategies, and future improvements, while Cocoon Networks CEO Seung-bong Jae commented on Lightvert, an emerging digital projection technology, and discussed the visual pollution problems in big cities. For example, how can cutting-edge technology optimize life while avoiding creating new nuisances?


It is worth mentioning that the competition site has set up a lot of interactive links, including social media online interaction, "How much do you know about the Chinese market" survey and other links, allowing the audience to experience the competition, while a better understanding of the Chinese market, to narrow the distance between Europe and China's technology market and technology entrepreneurship, to further promote the globalization of the Chinese market. The event was held at the China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) in Beijing, and contributed to the strengthening of Sino-British cooperation in equity investment and technology transfer. According to statistics, more than half of the audience participated in the live and online interaction, the atmosphere was very exciting.



After the competition, Toby Basey-Fisher, CEO of the winning team EvaDignostics, told organisers CocoonNetworks: "I'm really looking forward to the finals of the Shanghai International Hackathon in September. The Shanghai final is a once-in-a-lifetime great opportunity for our European companies to enter the Asian market, and in the future I will be working with my peers to explore how we can truly change the future of life through healthcare and smart technology."

(Source of the article: the public of the KAC Innovation Incubator)


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