National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Innovation Voucher Service Provider Policy Guidance Exchange Meeting Successfully Held

On the morning of April 26, 2017, the "Innovation Voucher Service Provider Policy Guidance and Exchange Meeting" organized by the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Enterprise Innovation Service Center was held in Conference Room No. 1 on the 2nd floor of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center. Yue Yue Mao, Policy Operations Manager of the Innovation Voucher Team of the National Center for Technology Transfer East, conducted an in-depth analysis of the policies of innovation voucher service providers for a number of partner organizations.


At the exchange meeting, detailed information on the types of services eligible for innovation voucher subsidies and the ways to use and redeem the vouchers was presented, and examples were given to help partner organizations grasp and understand the innovation voucher policy more quickly and accurately.


All the partner organizations expressed great interest in the innovation voucher policy, with enthusiastic reactions and positive interactions. They discussed the problems and innovative ideas they might encounter with each other. This is precisely the purpose of this seminar, as the exchange of ideas is a good opportunity to learn from each other's experiences and make progress together.


At the end of the meeting, Frank Zhu, Director of Enterprise Innovation Service Center, summarized the meeting, hoping that the meeting would provide a platform for the partner organizations to solve their problems, communicate and exchange ideas, and stimulate and optimize the innovation vitality and ability of the service organizations.



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