National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Technology Transfer Cooperation Development Success Story


In July 2016, a technology transfer cooperation and development case was successfully docked and signed by Shanghai Eastern Technology Achievement Transformation Co.

In December 2015, the platform received a technology request from one of the better-known global suppliers of smart lock and security solutions groups. The group's share of all installed lock and security products worldwide is one tenth of the total. The group already had leading technologies in access control, security, identification, and access, but many of them were based on foreign foundations and had few applications for the Chinese market, and were not specific or common enough. Therefore, the group is looking for a domestic development team to propose targeted technical solutions that are suitable for the Chinese market. The scope of the project includes the opening and closing of doors through Bluetooth, WLAN, gestures, voice control and other intelligent ways, as well as the corresponding mobile phone platform app development.

Upon receipt of such a demand, the Eastern Center's Cooperation and Exchange Service Center immediately aligned itself with the self-established library of more than a hundred technology intermediary service system capabilities, and within a few days searched for an Industrial Research Institute in Shanghai within the first level of our Center's library of cooperating units based on the technical characteristics of the demand side's requirements. This industrial research institute is a technological leader in the field of semiconductor Internet of Things in Shanghai, and even in the whole country, and at the same time, the research of this industrial research institute is closely combined with market demand, and there have been many intelligent door lock products into the industrialization stage. Therefore, ITRI is well positioned to meet the company's requirements for smart door locks. After several communications, we decided that the cooperation between the two parties was very high. Within one month, we arranged a closed-door technical docking between the two parties with unrelated parties. The detailed technical solutions to the technical difficulties raised by the demand side were given by the solution side in the meeting. The whole docking meeting lasted more than 3 hours, both parties introduced their successful cases as well as the capabilities and characteristics of the technical personnel on both sides, and the communication achieved a very good docking effect.

On the basis of the results of this docking, the two parties conducted repeated technical demonstrations and technical analysis, sorted out technical service points, and conducted price negotiations over the next four months. During this period, the Eastern Center continued to follow up and communicate as an intermediary, and finally, in July 2016, the two partners formally signed a technology development contract, and the project has now entered the prototype testing and other practical implementation stages.

Cooperation Contact: Xie Yue




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