National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Yueqing Branch Center officially opened its operation

On the afternoon of May 20, the unveiling ceremony of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Yueqing Branch and the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements was held in Yueqing Electrical Industry Innovation Service Complex. Wenzhou City Science and Technology Bureau, Party Secretary Zhang Chongbo, Yueqing City Vice Mayor Zheng Juhua, Yueqing City Science and Technology Bureau Director Guan Guoqiang, Vice President of the National Technology Transfer East Center Zhu Ye and the Economic Development Zone, Market Supervision Bureau, Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Finance Bureau, Talent Office and other units in charge of the opening ceremony.

Vice Mayor Zheng Juhua said in his speech that Yueqing is a well-known production base of electrical industry in China, and has strong industrial advantages in electrical industry equipment manufacturing, etc., which can play an important role in promoting the transfer and transformation of domestic and foreign technological achievements and the integration and integration of innovation elements between regions. The establishment of the sub-center will make up for the short board of Yueqing in technology transaction, achievement transformation, science and technology finance, and open up the transformation channel between Yueqing enterprises and Shanghai universities and research institutions, so as to speed up the integration of enterprises into the Yangtze River Delta integrated development in high quality.

Yueqing City Science and Technology Bureau director Guan Guoqiang presided over the inauguration ceremony.

Mr. Zheng Juhua, Vice Mayor of Yueqing City, made a speech

In response to this, Mr. Zhu Ye, vice president of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, said that Yueqing Branch Center will rely on Yueqing Science and Technology Bureau to connect with the technology resources and service platform of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, strengthen communication with scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, and open up the whole process from enterprise R&D to result transformation, realize accurate docking and professional transaction services for local enterprises in Yueqing, and create new technology development in Yueqing. Eco. The Eastern Center will net science and technology resources for the Yueqing Branch Center, build a professional platform, and provide development elements for technology transfer through the platform docking professional services, including information database, global channel resources, quality service organizations, university and institute achievements, and training for science and technology practitioners, to achieve professional and precise docking and strive to build a fully functional and well-environmental technology transfer ecosystem platform.

Remarks by Frank Zhu, Vice President of the National Center for Technology Transfer East

In the future, the two sides will base on the construction of Yueqing sub-center, break through the bottleneck of cooperation between production, university and research in Shanghai and Le, realize the seamless connection between technological innovation chain and industrial chain of the two places, smooth the green channel of technology supply and demand, and speed up the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements in Yueqing.

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