Eastern National Technology Transfer Center visited Fenhu enterprises to further promote the construction of Fenhu Branch Center technology market

In order to provide in-depth consulting services to enterprises and promote the construction of Fenhu Branch Center of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Vice President of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Chen Chao, Vice President Zhu Ye, and Chairman of the Board of Directors Tang Xiaolin visited Suzhou Gutai New Material Co.
That morning, Mr. Tang Chao, Chairman of Gutai New Material, had a discussion with Mr. Chen Chao, Vice President of Eastern Center and his team. At the meeting, Mr. Chen Chao, Vice President of Eastern Center, introduced the construction goal and layout of Fenhu Science and Technology Market, and Mr. Tang Chao, President of Guotai New Material, explained the main business, technology patent, and the current status of integration of production and research. It is reported that Gutai New Material has certain advantages in the key core material technology of solar backsheet, and has realized the cooperation with many universities. Afterwards, representatives from the Fenhu Branch Center of the Eastern Center had a Q&A session with Gutai New Material on their questions about the existing science and technology related support policies, and the Fenhu Branch Center will continue to provide feedback for the company's questions in the future.

In the afternoon, Mr. Frank Zhu, Vice President of Eastern Center, Mr. Chao Chen, and Mr. Xiaolin Tang, President of Kechuangbang, visited Suzhou Yichangtai Plastic Co. After the visit, the East Center's corporate consulting project team will analyze and diagnose the current situation of the company and provide constructive solutions with the actual situation of the enterprise.

Through this visit, the Eastern Center has gained an in-depth understanding of the business development and technology needs of local enterprises in Fenhu, and the Fenhu Sub-center will provide more precise support services to the local area with the support and leadership of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center.

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