The first special session of the open innovation sharing meeting of large enterprises was successfully held

In order to better assist technology brokers and professional service organizations in technology transfer, promote the flow and docking of high-quality innovation resources, and provide an efficient exchange and sharing and interactive platform for the industry to directly dialogue with large enterprises, the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, Shanghai Co-way International Technology Transfer Center and Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market jointly organized the Open Innovation Sharing Meeting for Large Enterprises on the afternoon of June 18.
The first sharing session invited Mr. Eddie Shen, Assistant President, Joint CGO (Chief Development Officer) and General Manager of Strategic Planning and Advancement Department of Fosun Group, and Ms. Yang Xian, Senior Director of Incubation at Fosun's Product and Technology Innovation Center, to introduce Fosun's open innovation model, share Fosun's years of successful experience in the field of technology innovation and release the latest industrial innovation needs to the participants. More than 40 participants, including representatives of Registered Technology Transfer Manager (RTTP) trainees, organizations and practitioners of technology transfer and innovation and entrepreneurship services, participated in the internal sharing and learning by targeted invitation.

Mr. Eddie Shen, Assistant President and Joint CGO (Chief Development Officer) of Fosun Group, firstly discussed the function of technological innovation of large enterprises, the influence of open innovation, the analysis of difficulties in technological innovation, the key points of carrying out innovation work, etc., focusing on the introduction of Fosun Group's industry layout, Fosun's open innovation model exploration and other core innovation development strategies. Ms. Yang Xian, Senior Director of Science Incubation of Fosun CRE Center, made a presentation on Fosun's innovation needs and explained in detail to the technology brokers and professional matchmaking organizations. Next, Ms. Yang Xian, Senior Director of Science Incubation at Fosun's Innovation Center, made a presentation on Fosun Group's innovation needs, and explained in detail the specific needs of technology brokers and professional matchmaking organizations.
During the free discussion session, Mr. Shen answered some of the questions raised in the chat area, such as the support that startups can get from Fosun's open innovation strategy, common challenges in cooperation, how to quickly land in China for overseas companies, and the protection of intellectual property rights of core technologies during the docking process.

The whole seminar was rich in content, which effectively increased the knowledge and key points summarized by the leading enterprises in the innovation development and opened the window of direct communication with large enterprises for the practitioners in the innovation field. In addition, by opening up the technical needs of large enterprises, technology brokers can get more opportunities to practice "practical courses" and effectively promote the subsequent technical solution docking.

In the future, the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center and the Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market will continue to collaborate with the Shanghai Co-way team to promote the exploration of an effective exchange and sharing mechanism to promote good communication and interaction between personnel from institutions and enterprises in the field of technology innovation and technology transfer, as well as the efficient docking of innovation resources.

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