Zhejiang Jiashan final round of the challenge competition

On the afternoon of November 20, the final of the first Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge (Zhejiang Jiashan District) was held as scheduled at the Zhejiang World Expo Hotel. Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Science and Technology Market, Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, Jiaxing Municipal People's Government, Jia Shan County People's Government and Jia Shan County Science and Technology Bureau attended the event.

Lu Chunhao, deputy governor of Jiashan County People's Government, said in his speech that holding the final of the first Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge (Zhejiang Jiashan District), on the one hand, builds a bridge for local enterprises to meet their technological needs, and on the other hand, provides a stage for Jiashan to showcase. I hope that the county will take this competition as an opportunity to deeply practice the new development concept, accelerate the implementation of the two national strategies of innovation-driven development and regional integration of the Yangtze River Delta development, give full play to the geographical center of the Yangtze River Delta as a geographical advantage, to grasp the enterprise to cultivate excellence and strengthen the strong, forming a "top and bottom of the same desire, government and enterprise concentric, development of the same direction" strong momentum.

After the preliminary comprehensive mapping and declaration, the organizer of the competition area collected more than 100 effective technical needs of enterprises in Jiashan County, and announced to the whole society through the official website of the Innovation Challenge and related media at all levels, science and technology platform, and then also collected more than 200 solutions from universities, research institutes and technology holders (scientific research team) nationwide. Through the preliminary online competition, the organizer selected 8 selected enterprise technical problems and needs such as "barrier film production technology for organic light emitting display" from Zhejiang Oren New Materials Co.
After an afternoon of fierce competition, the jury selected eight excellent demand awards and two best solution awards in Zhejiang Jiashan, and the best solution awards went to the team of Wang Dongsheng from Nanjing Institute of Vegetable Science and the team of Zheng Da from Ningbo Zhongke Fuqi Energy Technology Co. The winning solutions will be selected to compete in the finals of the first Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge.
The success of the competition represents the docking of the needs of local enterprises in Jiashan with the technological innovation and industrial resources of the Yangtze River Delta, as well as the construction of a regional collaborative innovation network and a platform for innovation incubation and technology transfer. This is not only conducive to the formation of the ecology of scientific and technological achievement transfer, but also of great significance in promoting the construction of the technology transfer system in the Yangtze River Delta, promoting demand-led innovation and accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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