July 1 activity briefing

Break through the bottleneck of development and always maintain advanced qualities Briefing on "July 1st" Party Building Activities

July is the season of the birthday of our great Communist Party of China. To celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the party, the Eastern Center of National Technology Transfer Center has always adhered to the development goal, reform and innovation, and the development goal of cohesiveness. The "July 1" party building activity with the theme of "breaking through development bottlenecks and always maintaining advanced qualities". The first part of the activity: watching movies All the staff watched the special documentary film "Human World" to fight the epidemic together. Through real, specific, and detailed stories, they showed the sacrifices and dedications of Chinese doctors in the face of many difficulties in the face of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic; it showed the Chinese people's daring Fighting "hard battles", arduous struggle style. During the movie, everyone relived the spirit of unity between the country and the people during the epidemic, and the dedication of people from all walks of life. The light of human nature and the power of social progress reflected in the epidemic will inspire us to firmly believe at all times: the party is the light in front of the darkness, illuminating us to move forward!
The second part of the event: recognition To commend the anti-epidemic pioneers who emerged from the company in February when the epidemic was the most severe at the beginning of 2020. They were not afraid of difficulties, went all out, and took the initiative to devote themselves to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and carefully performed on-site duty, disinfection, and disinfection during the epidemic. Temperature measurement, support for a series of prevention and control work such as the resumption of work and production in the group park, and make positive contributions to the initial results of epidemic prevention and control! Thank you to every team member who contributed to the fight against the epidemic!
Activity Part 4: Message To celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the employees of the company wrote their words and thoughts about the party into a piece of colored cards:
"The ninety-ninth anniversary of the founding of the party, the ups and downs; the style of the party remains the same. Today is your birthday, the Chinese people salute you", "Do not forget the original heart, be loyal to the party; Do not change the original heart, walk with the party", "Ninety-nine The glorious years, let me see my generation create more glories today"... A line of hot words expresses everyone's blessing to the party and the country, and strengthens everyone's inner ideals and beliefs. The "July 1st" party building activity not only enriched the spiritual life of the company's employees, but also gave everyone a profound patriotic education. The majority of party members said: The card activity has once again deeply experienced the profound meaning given by the sacred title of "Party Member". It is necessary to keep the original intention and mission of the party in mind and reflect it in the work.
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