French Branch Center

The French Center was successfully inaugurated at the "2018 Pujiang Innovation Forum - Technology Services Forum - Global Technology Transfer Conference". At the beginning of its establishment, the French branch center originally hoped to take the New Aquitaine Region (NA) as the core, and through in-depth cooperation with the France-China Association A2P, to jointly build a core area for Sino-French science and technology innovation and technology transfer. With the development of the French branch center, the business center has gradually moved to Paris. Paris is home to some of the best universities, research institutes and companies in France and Europe.

The French branch center has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Viva Tech, the most prestigious technology event in France and Europe, and SATT, an authority in the field of technology transfer in France.In 2019, the French branch center and the French Smart City Smart Building Alliance (SBA) will organize The "Sino-French Smart City Technology Exchange and Matchmaking Meeting" and "Eurochamp Shanghai Minhang Sino-French Project Roadshow" organized by Eurochamp China and China Demo Day. The Sino-French science and technology service system, which can radiate to the whole of France, will be continuously improved.

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