Canada (Toronto) Branch Centre


The Canada (Toronto) Branch Center was officially signed and unveiled in May 2017 at the 2017 Pujiang Innovation Forum - Canada. The Canadian (Toronto) Branch Center partner is the China-Canada Investment Promotion Center ICA.ICA is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is a non-profit investment platform supported by several municipalities.ICA aims to promote Ontario as the preferred destination for Chinese companies to invest in North America, providing landed incubation work for Chinese companies coming to Ontario, while seeking Chinese The company is a partner in bringing advanced technology and products to China for industrialization.

At the same time, the branch center is also an important placement of the Eastern Center in North America, and fully interacts and mutually supports with Shanghai Innovation Center Boston. The Canada (Toronto) branch center cooperates in the incubation and landing of cross-border projects between China and Canada, the establishment of the China-Canada Innovation and Entrepreneurship Investment Fund, the sharing of data and information, as well as the development of various exchange activities, so as to jointly promote cooperation between the two countries in science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

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