Shanghai Innovation Centre (London) & Shanghai Technology Exchange (London)


Shanghai Innovation Centre (London) & Shanghai Technology Exchange London Branch was officially inaugurated during the Pujiang Forum in May 2016. Currently, the eastern center is co-built through participation in the China Europe Technology and Innovation Network (CENTI), which is independently operated by CENTI and integrates business incubators, accelerators, venture capital, technology insurance, technology banking, technology media and IP management. The Shanghai Innovation Center (London) focuses on technology, industry, economics and finance cooperation opportunities, providing Chinese companies with international market financing, strategic consulting services, helping Chinese companies to seek international partners and cutting-edge science and technology and to land in China, thereby achieving comprehensive cross-border synergies.

The London branch of the Shanghai Technology Exchange is located in the Science and Technology Park, aiming to open up a fast channel for technology transfer between China and Europe through technology and intellectual property transactions, improve the technology transformation capacity between China and Europe, and realize the globalization of Chinese capital and equity.

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