Minhang District of the Innovation Challenge: Artificial Intelligence and New Generation of Information Technology Seminar was successfully held!

In order to further promote the influence of the 4th China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the 2nd Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge in Minhang, the Minhang District Science and Technology Committee and the East China Center for Technology Transfer (ECTT), in collaboration with Helium Creative, successfully held an Innovation Challenge presentation at InnoSpace on July 16.

The presentation was hosted by Ma Xiaoyan, the head of InnoSpace Industry Accelerator, and attended by Xu Hui, the head of Minhang Science and Technology Commission's Results Transformation Section, Zheng Liangming, the deputy director of Minhang Science and Technology Commission, Xie Yino, the project manager of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, and Chen Chengqiang, the general manager of InnoSpace. Mr. Zhang Pengdao, Partner of Zongheng Capital, Mr. Hua Tang, Investment Director of Zhenghai Capital, Mr. Zhao Feng, General Manager of Hyper World Group, Mr. Liu Zongyo, Investment Manager of Qidian Qianzhuo Venture Capital and other guests attended the seminar.

Chen Chengqiang, General Manager of InnoSpace

Zheng Liangming, Deputy Director, Minhang Science and Technology Committee

Chen Chengqiang, General Manager of InnoSpace, and Zheng Liangming, Deputy Director of Minhang District Science and Technology Committee, gave welcome speeches and invited more enterprises to learn about and participate in the Innovation Challenge.

Yino Xie, Project Manager, National Technology Transfer Eastern Center

Mr. Xie Yino, the project manager of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, gave a detailed introduction of the purpose, rules, competition process and relevant policies of the Innovation Challenge.

Xu Hui, Chief of Transformation Division, Minhang Science and Technology Commission

Xu Hui, Chief of the Transformation of Achievements Section of Minhang District Science and Technology Commission, said in a subsequent introduction that Minhang District will promote the construction of the Shanghai Minhang District National Science and Technology Achievement Transfer and Transformation Demonstration Zone and take this Innovation Challenge as an opportunity to deepen the docking of enterprises' innovation needs, promote the provision of technical solutions by experts and researchers from universities and research institutes at home and abroad, further promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and enhance the enterprise's science and technology. Innovation capacity.

China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) Minhang Sub-Court, with the main direction of insisting on the leadership of Party building, focusing on advantageous industries, guiding large enterprises to open innovation and promoting international cooperation, will give corresponding policy and financial support to cooperation projects, industrialization projects and service organizations reached through the Innovation Challenge to fully solve the technology needs of enterprises and help promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Minhang!

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