Visit from Ningbo Productivity Center


In the afternoon of March 20, Lin Hongquan, Deputy Director of Ningbo Productivity Center, and his delegation visited the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center.

Zou Shujun, Vice President of Ningbo Productivity Center, gave a detailed introduction on the history of development, business composition, platform construction exploration of the Eastern Center. Lin Hongquan, deputy director of the Ningbo Productivity Center, shared his views on the actual situation of the construction and development of the Ningbo Science and Technology Market, and exchanged views with the staff of the Eastern Center on technology transfer, the construction of a trading platform for technological achievements, and the construction of domestic and international cooperation channels for technology transfer, which were of common concern to both sides.

At the end of the meeting, both parties expressed their willingness to start cooperation and deepen communication. In the future, the East Center and the Ningbo Productivity Center will carry out further cooperation in related fields and establish efficient channels for resource exchange.


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