Xi Jinping presides over a meeting of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensive Deepening of Reform to consider and approve the plan for the construction of a national technology transfer system

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, president, chairman of the Central Military Commission and head of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reform, presided over the 37th meeting of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reform and made an important speech on the afternoon of July 19.

He stressed that all regions should effectively unify their thoughts and actions to the reform of the Central Committee of the Party's decision-making deployment, from the overall situation of serving the Party and the country to promote reform, dare to take responsibility, good at seeking practical work, pragmatic, enterprising, and solidly promote the implementation of the reform and see results.

        What documents were considered and adopted at the meeting?

Opinions on Innovative Institutional Mechanisms to Promote Green Agricultural Development

National Technology Transfer System Development Programme

Implementation Plan for Further Promoting the Reform of the Governance Structure of Public Cultural Institutions as Legal Persons

Several Opinions on Strengthening and Improving People-to-People Exchanges between China and Foreign Countries

Provisions on the Administration of Civil Servants under the Appointment System (for Trial Implementation)

Opinions on Improving the Early Warning and Rapid Response Regulatory System for the Quality and Safety Risks of Import and Export Commodities to Effectively Protect the Rights and Interests of Consumers

Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Review and Approval System to Encourage Innovation in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

General Programme for the Establishment of the National Park System

Opinions on the Implementation of a Sound and Unified Judicial Appraisal Management System

        What documents were considered at the meeting?

Report on the Progress of the Pilot Reform Work since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee

Report on the Social Security Reform Inspectorate

        What was highlighted at the meeting?

        The promotion of green agriculture is a profound revolution in the concept of agricultural development

The meeting pointed out that promoting green agricultural development is a profound revolution in the concept of agricultural development, and is also the main direction of the structural reform of the agricultural supply side. It is necessary to correctly handle the relationship between green agricultural development and ecological environmental protection, food security and increasing farmers' income, to innovate institutional mechanisms conducive to increasing the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products, reducing the intensity of resource and environmental utilization, promoting employment and increasing farmers' income, and to form a pattern of agricultural development that matches the carrying capacity of environmental resources and harmonizes production and life ecology in order to achieve sustainable agricultural development.

        Establishment and improvement of national technology transfer systems

        The meeting emphasized that the establishment and improvement of a national technology transfer system should focus on strategic and indisputable areas that will have a long-term impact on development, follow the law of technology transfer, play the role of market mechanisms, strengthen the interface between supply and demand, open up channels for the transformation of science and technology, strengthen linkages and synergies, accelerate the transformation and application of major scientific and technological achievements, and give better play to the important role of technology transfer in enhancing scientific and technological innovation capacity and promoting economic and social development.

        Promoting the reform of the governance structure of public cultural institutions as legal persons

The meeting pointed out that in promoting the reform of the governance structure of public cultural institutions as legal persons, it is necessary to adhere to the forward direction of socialist advanced culture, and in accordance with the requirements of the separation of government affairs and the separation of management and administration, to promote the establishment of corporate governance structures in public cultural institutions such as public libraries, museums, cultural centers, science and technology centers, art galleries and other public cultural institutions with their governing boards as the main form, and to involve representatives of the relevant parties, professionals, and the public from all walks of life in management, so as to improve the quality of public culture. (c) To improve the management and service effectiveness of cultural institutions and enhance the vitality of public cultural institutions.

        Strengthening and improving cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world

The Conference emphasized that, in order to strengthen and improve cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world, it is necessary to strengthen the confidence in the road, theory, system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, improve the layout of cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world, innovate the mechanism for high-level cultural exchanges, reform the content, form and working mechanism of cultural exchanges, and implement the concept of cultural exchanges in all areas of foreign exchanges from the perspective of serving the overall situation of national reform, development and foreign strategy. It will highlight Chinese characteristics, Chinese style and style, and promote people-to-people contact and mutual appreciation of civilization between China and the rest of the world.

        Appointments to some highly specialized positions

The meeting pointed out that the implementation of the appointment system for some of the more specialized positions is an important institutional arrangement to improve the system for selecting and appointing candidates and to strengthen the building of the civil service. We must adhere to the principle of the Party governing cadres and the Party governing talents, adhere to the principle of both merit and competence, with virtue as the top priority, adhere to fairness, equality, competition and meritocracy, adhere to equal emphasis on supervision and restraint as well as incentives and safeguards, and proceed in accordance with statutory authority, conditions, standards and procedures, so as to improve the professionalism of the civil service.

        Improving the early warning and rapid response monitoring system for the quality and safety risks of import and export commodities

The meeting stressed that the improvement of import and export commodity quality and safety risk early warning and rapid response monitoring system, to put the immediate interests of the people in the first place, correctly handle the relationship between quality and safety and development, adhere to the safety-oriented, strictly abide by the bottom line, prevention-oriented, prevention and control combined with innovation and leadership, open sharing, to comprehensively strengthen the quality and safety risk monitoring, assessment, early warning, disposal and management results, and effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers. .

        Reform and improve the review and approval system for drugs and medical devices

The meeting pointed out that the quality, safety and innovative development of drugs and medical devices is an important guarantee for building a healthy China. We should reform and improve the review and approval system, stimulate the innovation and development of the pharmaceutical industry, reform the management of clinical trials, speed up the review and approval of listings, promote the consistent evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs, improve the food and drug regulatory system, promote enterprises to improve innovation and research and development capabilities, speed up the listing of new and good drugs, and meet the urgent need for clinical use of drugs.

        Establishment of a national park system

The meeting emphasized that in establishing a national park system, it is necessary to summarize the pilot experience, adhere to the national park concept of ecological protection first, national representation and public welfare for all, adhere to the principle that mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses are a living community, reorganize the functions of relevant nature reserves, streamline the management system, innovate the operation mechanism, improve legal safeguards, strengthen supervision and management, and build nature reserves represented by national parks. System.

       Strengthening the unified judicial appraisal management system

It was pointed out that the judicial appraisal system is a judicial safeguard system for resolving specialized issues related to litigation and helping judicial organs to ascertain the facts of cases. In order to improve the unified judicial appraisal management system, it is necessary to adapt to the reform of the trial-oriented litigation system, improve the working mechanism, enforce strict practice responsibilities, strengthen supervision and management, strengthen the interface between judicial appraisal and case work, continuously improve the quality and credibility of judicial appraisals, ensure the smooth conduct of litigation activities and promote judicial fairness.

        Piloting major reforms and bringing into play the role of demonstration, breakthrough and driving for overall reform.

The meeting stressed that since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Committee has deployed a series of major reform pilot projects, explored a number of replicable and replicable experiences, and played a demonstration, breakthrough and leading role in the overall reform. It is necessary to strengthen the classification and guidance of the pilot work, to promote those that have completed the pilot tasks as soon as possible, to summarize and promote those that have achieved stage-by-stage results in a timely manner, to supervise the rectification and implementation of slow progress and irregular management, to pay attention to the system integration of those with strong comprehensive support, and to form relevant legal achievements in a timely manner if they have proved effective in practice.

       Monitoring of the reforms that have been introduced

The meeting noted that it is an important task for the leading departments of the reform to carry out supervision of the reforms that have already been introduced. Since the eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the parties concerned have, in accordance with the deployment of the CPC Central Committee, taken the establishment of a fairer and more sustainable social security system as their goal, pushing forward the reform of the pension and medical insurance systems and other social security system reforms in an integrated manner, and have made significant progress. The next step is to rectify the problems identified, expand the coverage of the system and better protect the rights and interests of the people.

       Local grasp of reform to insist on raising the station

The meeting stressed that the local grasp of reform should insist on raising the station, no matter at which level to promote reform and carry out work, we must insist on planning under the big picture, pushing forward in the general trend, and acting on major events. The main comrades in charge of local Party committees should be the local reform leaders.

We must insist on seeking truth from facts, in the implementation of the plan to connect the antenna, the grounded, the indicators should be practical and feasible, the implementation of measures to be pragmatic and useful, pick up on the dry; in the reform of the promotion of strategic tactics, pay attention to ways and means, so as to mature a promote a, do one thing into one thing; in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the reform to adhere to the position of the masses, the key is to see how many things have been done, how many practical problems solved. Whether the masses recognize it or not, whether they are satisfied or not.

We must insist on efficiency, speed is efficiency, the right method is efficiency, and reducing mistakes is also efficiency. To the lagging work to reverse the schedule, catch up, for some difficult reforms, the main responsible comrades should personally promote, track the progress, ringing the bell. We should insist on forging ahead, carry forward the spirit of reform that dares to be the first in the world, and dare to break down the resistance in the reform, and grasp the reform pilot work.

The meeting pointed out that all over the world, we should match and strengthen the reform work force at all levels, increase the weight of reform and innovation in cadre assessment and promotion and appointment, establish and improve the reform of fault tolerance and error correction mechanism, forming a clear orientation that allows reform to have mistakes, but not allowed not to reform.

(Article source: CCTV News)

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