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Background of the Forum

INNO-MATCH EXPO, a global technology transfer conference with the objective of "Global List of All 'Elephants' in Demand", will be held at the conference.31 May - 2 June 2021At the Shanghai Exhibition CenterAs an important part of the Pujiang Innovation Forum, it is the first science and technology exhibition in China with the theme of "Innovation Demand". As an important part of the Pujiang Innovation Forum, the conference is the first science and technology exhibition themed on "innovation demand" in China, which will attract global innovation resources and innovation think tanks to gather in Shanghai, showcase the innovation demand of Chinese enterprises, to be matched with global elites from various industries, and create a global innovation demand integration place.

artificial intelligence (AI)As the core component of the new generation of information technology and the core driver of the new round of industrial change and the development of digital economy, it will profoundly affect the industrial structure and economic structure. In order to actively implement the national industrial policy and promote the application of artificial intelligence industry technology, the Artificial Intelligence sub-forum of the Global Technology Transfer Conference, hosted by Zhongguancun Digital Intelligence Industry Alliance, will be held on the morning of June 2.

Overview of the Forum

(i) Duration of the Conference

Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 09:00-12:00

(ii) Venue of the Conference

Shanghai Exhibition Center Center Hall 1F Center Stage

Forum Registration

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2021 Global Technology Transfer Conference

Artificial Intelligence Sub-Forum Meeting Programme (proposed)

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