Promote demand matching and strengthen TTS services

On the afternoon of September 3, 2020 Technology Transfer Service Providers' Work Conference was successfully held at Shanghai Hongqiao Import Commodities Exhibition and Trade Center under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and hosted by China National Technology Transfer Eastern Center (CTETEC). The meeting was hosted by Mr. Zou Shujun, CEO of the Eastern National Center for Technology Transfer, with the participation of nearly 40 representatives of technology transfer service providers.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Liang Bing, Deputy Director of Innovation Division of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, delivered a speech in which he expressed his hope to receive suggestions from service providers for this year's work, and urged all participants to actively participate in the Global Technology Transfer Conference, Innovation Challenge, Shanghai Technology Transfer Institute and Technology Innovation Voucher. to help match up and match the needs of the business.

Afterwards, Cao Shen, Vice President of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Huang Yanzhe, Director of the Operation Department of the Technology Mall, Liao Yuqing, Executive Director of the Shanghai Technology Transfer Institute, and Shen Yuan, Director of the Operation Department of the Innovation Voucher, made a presentation on the preparations for the Global Technology Transfer Conference, the operational report of the Challenge and the release of docking indicators, the training model for technology managers, the school plan of the Technology Transfer Institute, the policies related to the Innovation Voucher, and the key points for application. The content is delivered and the presentation is followed by a Q&A session for those present.

The National Center for Technology Transfer East has long been committed to bringing together and serving outstanding technology transfer service providers, and will continue to collaborate with various service providers to create a good ecological system for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological innovations in the future.

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