SharesPost Visits National Center for Technology Transfer East

In the afternoon of November 16, Greg Brogger, founder of SharesPost, Ansen Chen, CEO of SharesPost China, Pei-Lun Li and Yue-Feng Jiang, partners of Youlun Group, Wilson Cai, investment manager of Youlun Group, and other leaders visited NTMEC for a discussion.
At the exchange, Yan Mingfeng, CEO of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, first introduced the business of the Eastern Center and had an in-depth exchange with Greg Brogger on his views on the blockchain sector and the digital economy, and further discussed the direction of future cooperation between the two sides. The two sides will help domestic investors to invest in the equity of overseas unicorns on the SP platform through the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and Shanghai's small giant technology companies with a certain scale can also cooperate with SP to achieve interoperability between domestic and foreign unicorns on the two platforms. In the future, with the operation of the Eastern Center incubator, more overseas unicorns will also be introduced to operate in China.
Greg Brogger, founder of SharesPost, said SharesPost, the world's largest equity transfer platform for technology unicorns, hopes to be able to strengthen its partnership with the National Center for Technology Transfer East to explore cross-border unicorn business partnerships.
This will be followed by the signing of a strategic agreement between the two sides, and the National Technology Transfer East Center will also bring Chinese regulators, technology entrepreneurs, and investors to visit SP's U.S. headquarters at an appropriate time.
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