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The country's first digital PCR detection reagent kit series of research and development, the introduction of non-contact long-range infrared imaging and temperature measurement technology to land, the global coronavirus and pneumonia cutting-edge technology to accelerate the screening.......for days, the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia epidemic continues to affect the hearts of the people of the country, in this war without smoke in front of the national The cooperating organizations of the Eastern Technology Transfer Center platform actively exerted their own resource advantages and scientific and technological strengths to write analysis reports on enterprises in the anti-epidemic supplies industry chain, sort out cutting-edge technologies to promote the research of new coronavirus treatment protocols, promote the research and development of new coronavirus detection kits, and successfully promoted the effective landing of relevant overseas technologies.

Development of an efficient 2019-nCoV assay to aid neo-coronavirus screening

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Mindset Genetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been actively engaged in the research and development of test kits and has successfully developed the first digital PCR test kit, virus inactivation sample collection solution, virus nucleic acid rapid extraction kits and other series of products in China. The series of products have entered the emergency approval channel opened by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) for this epidemic. Meanwhile, MSG and China Resources Pharmaceutical Group jointly donated 2,000 sets of digital PCR kits to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center for clinical testing and entered into a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Changhai Hospital to further carry out research and development on the testing and treatment of new coronavirus.

The introduction of Germany's "non-contact long-range infrared imaging temperature measurement technology" to guard public space

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, Shanghai Ingot Cheng Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. successfully facilitated the introduction of "non-contact long-range infrared imaging and temperature measurement technology" from Germany's Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH. It is reported that the non-contact long-range infrared imaging temperature measurement technology can support non-contact long-range temperature measurement of more than 3 meters. At present, the demand side of the project, Shanghai Ner Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. is responsible for combining the technology with the company's existing products, and has successfully developed a human body temperature measurement dome device for buses. The device is equipped with real-time body temperature measurement, video monitoring, passenger flow statistics analysis and other functions. At present, the product has been tested on Shanghai buses.

Global Coronavirus and Pneumonia Frontiers Focused on Supporting Outbreak Prevention and Control

After the outbreak of the epidemic, ZhiFanYeMao (Shanghai) Science and Technology Information Technology Co., Ltd. focused on combing the world's cutting-edge technologies on coronavirus and pneumonia through its overseas early scientific and technological achievement database Yintrust. The results of the combing work successfully focused on the broad-spectrum coronavirus therapy library developed by Professor Andrew Mesecar and others at Purdue University, which can be applied to a variety of coronaviruses, and the team immediately contacted Professor Andrew Mesecar. Professor Andrew Mesecar is currently involved in the formation of a rapid-response expert system designed to create a library of FDA-approved or nearly-approved drugs for potential future coronavirus mutations that would be able to be rapidly manufactured and diffused in the event of a new virus outbreak.

Promote the accelerated landing of antiepidemic supplies industry technology to protect the antiepidemic action

Shanghai Rongzhi Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is actively promoting the transfer and transformation of the industrial and technological achievements related to anti-epidemic supplies in "Overseas (Japan)-Shanghai" and "Shanghai - Yangtze River Economic Belt (Wuhan)" during the epidemic period to support anti-epidemic actions. Recently, Rongzhi and Zhongshan Hospital have been working together to rapidly land the "Shanghai Invention" - disposable medical protective nasal mask has been sent to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital respiratory department in the hands of front-line medical staff, and will be mass-produced at the rate of 10,000/day, for Wuhan and The nation's white-coated guards provide attentive guardianship when it comes to feeding and drinking water at medical facilities. At the same time, the company is working on a Japanese high-quality disinfection and sterilization fluid preparation technology, starting from technical interpretation, patent analysis, cooperation model design, production capacity landing, etc., to accelerate the project in Shanghai research and development and industrialization of landing. In addition, based on its own professional level, Rongzhi also organized a team to analyze the industrial chain related to anti-epidemic supplies, first of all, it conducted research on domestic and foreign enterprises in the mask industry and formed an industrial analysis report. And joint Shanghai Industrial Research Institute "new crown material public welfare platform", free to the government, the industry, etc., at the same time to help small and medium-sized enterprises as soon as possible in the post-epidemic era to find industrial opportunities, the formation of a new round of development. The epidemic is a mirror that shows us the sincerity and efforts of many partners who enthusiastically lend a helping hand in times of crisis. In the future, we will work more closely with them to promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, to build and improve the innovation eco-system for the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, and to help build Shanghai into a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.

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