The 4th China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the 2nd Yangtze River Delta Innovation Challenge Baoshan Branch New Materials Competition were successfully held.

On November 8, under the guidance of the Science and Technology Committee of the Baoshan District, sponsored by the East National Technology Transfer Center, undertaken by the Shanghai National University Technology Market and the Baoshan District Science and Technology Enterprise Association, and co-organized by China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Shanghai Wusongkou Enterprise Park Co.

Since the launch of the Baoshan District Branch Competition on September 18, through competition publicity, enterprise research, park visits, supply and demand docking, a hot competition atmosphere has been formed, resulting in a number of enterprises and technology research team docking. Baoshan District is a concentrated area of Shanghai's new materials industry, actively developing new materials industry dominated by graphene, high-temperature superconducting materials, etc., and striving to build new materials industry clusters. In order to provide in-depth services to innovative enterprises in the Baoshan District, make full use of the platform of the Challenge to promote the precise docking of enterprises in technology, industry and other fields, and enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, this event invited more than 50 people from a number of startups and research institutes in the field of intelligent manufacturing in the Baoshan District to participate in the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Session.

Xu Shangmiao, general manager of Shanghai Institute for Medical Devices, introduced the latest development trend of new materials industry in medical industry from graphene, ceramics, spectroscopy, rare earth, 3D printing, etc. Wu Yanzhong, secretary of Party committee of Shanghai Electric Automation Design Institute, released the research results of intelligent instrument development.

In addition, the competition was held in two separate evaluation rooms, in which a number of activities such as demand release, proposal introduction and expert comments were carried out. Among them, Shanghai Yuanmu Information Technology Co., Ltd. proposed an innovative demand of "Determination of Metal Attributes of Fe-alloy". It is reported that the research on ferrous alloy process and metal properties is seldom done, and there are basically few data in China. In addition, during the previous visit, Shanghai Futchi High-Tech Co., Ltd. put forward the demand of "research and development of functional materials such as heat dissipation and wear resistance". In the way of "reveal list competition", we showed our solutions to the enterprises present. Experts of the evaluation committee scored the two solutions according to the feasibility of implementation, technical advancement, economic rationality and other dimensions, and both the supply and demand sides expressed great expectations for further in-depth cooperation and solution landing.

The New Materials Competition has built a platform for exchange and cooperation between enterprises and scientific research institutes, and Baoshan District will continue to promote more in-depth docking between innovative enterprises and scientific research institutes, and continue to follow up on the project docking situation, so as to empower enterprises with innovation and help enterprises in the region to transform and upgrade.

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