Challenge Demand Docking--East Center walked into Airwing Research Institute

On the morning of July 3, organized by the National Technology Transfer East Center, representatives of four institutions, including Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Tongji University, Nanjing Advanced Laser Technology Research Institute, Suzhou Dwilka Optoelectronics Technology Co. Shanghai aero-wing high-tech development research institute vice president Sun Tao, etc. to participate in the docking.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Lu Jijun, Assistant President of the East China National Technology Transfer Center (ECTTC). Mr. Lu briefly introduced the development history of the Eastern Center, and highlighted the background, effectiveness of the China Innovation Challenge, and the overall planning and development of this year's event. This communication meeting is also a face-to-face communication organized by inviting experts from various organizations in laser technology based on the actual demand of Wings Academy in laser technology application. The meeting is mainly divided into two parts: the introduction of needs and the individual communication between the organizations and the institute.

Sun Tao, Vice General Manager of Airwing Research Institute, firstly expressed his heartfelt thanks to the supply and demand matching activity organized by the Eastern Center, and introduced the background and overall construction of the Institute. Subsequently, the two technical directors in charge of laser technology projects in the Academy introduced the actual problems and technical requirements encountered in laser cleaning and laser cladding, and answered the questions of the organizations about some technical details and parameters, so that the organizations could further understand the specific ideas and actual problems of the Academy.

Next, the technical experts of the institute communicated with each institution one by one to learn more about their technical solution capability, past successful cases and solutions to the laser demand. Through the face-to-face in-depth interface, the institute had a preliminary understanding of the technical capabilities and key focus direction of each institution.

At the end of the event, Sun Tao once again thanked all the organizations for their arrival and their valuable suggestions, and said that Wings Academy would seriously study the summary and in-depth evaluation of the solutions proposed by each organization, and finally select the most suitable organization for the next step of cooperation.

This event is a microcosm of the offline technology supply and demand matching of the Innovation Challenge hosted by the Eastern Center, and fully reflects the close cooperation between the Eastern Center and Shanghai's technology service providers. In the form of the Innovation Challenge, universities, institutes and enterprises will work together to come up with solutions to the actual technical problems encountered by enterprises, and ultimately realize the use of innovative crowdsourcing services to solve the real technical needs of enterprises. The event also laid a good foundation for further cooperation between technology supply and demand.

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