Demand Match - Maritime University entered Fangyan Intelligent Technology Co.

On the morning of May 30, 2019, Huang Yanzhe, director of the East Center of National Technology Transfer Technology Mall Operations Department, together with Mo Jianying, deputy director of the Technology Transfer Center of Shanghai Maritime University, visited Shanghai Fang Yan Intelligent Science and Technology Co. Yin Songwei, General Manager of Fang Yan Intelligent Science and Technology, warmly received the delegation of the East Center and the two sides had a friendly exchange and discussion.

Mr. Yin first took the East Center delegation to visit the headquarters of Fang Yan Intelligence and introduced the overall development and business development of the company. Fang Yan Intelligent is a high-tech enterprise just established in March 2019, mainly engaged in software and information technology services, the company encourages to provide professional intelligent community construction and artificial intelligence technology services for the society, and help realize the data and intelligence of municipal management. The company's self-developed IoT smart security charging stations have received widespread attention from local governments in Shanghai and Changning District.

During the discussion and exchange, the parties had in-depth communication on the actual technical needs of Fang Yan Intelligent Company in the process of business development and the technical cooperation plan with a professor team of Maritime University. Huang Yanzhe, the director of Eastern Center Technology Mall, first introduced the development history and business development of Eastern Center. In response to the needs of Fangyan's enterprises, he pointed out that both the China Innovation Challenge and the Technology Innovation Voucher have corresponding support for technical cooperation between enterprises and universities, and highlighted last year's results and the overall plan for this year's event. The China Innovation Challenge is an innovation crowdsourcing service activity that seeks to collect solutions for specific technological innovation needs through a "competition". This year, the second Yangtze River Delta Innovation Challenge will be held in each district of Shanghai to build a platform for enterprises to showcase and compete for solutions to their actual needs. This year, the Challenge has launched the information collection and promotion platform such as WeChat mini-program, which makes it convenient for enterprises and service organizations to understand the dynamics and demands of the competition in real time. Mr. Huang said that the technical needs of FANGYAN were fully in line with the requirements of the Challenge, and he hoped that the Challenge could provide assistance to enterprises in solving their technical needs and business development.

Afterwards, Mr. Chen Haoyu from the East Center's Results Transaction Service Department introduced the Technology Innovation Voucher policy to enterprises in detail. This policy is a policy tool for the Shanghai government to support enterprises and science and technology innovation teams to purchase professional services from service providers by using municipal financial funds. Based on the actual needs of Fang Yan enterprises and the actual connection between universities, Chen Haoyu proposed that enterprises can apply for innovation voucher subsidies for science and technology innovation strategic planning, technology research and development services, etc., so as to reduce their investment costs in new technology research and development and new business development.

Director Mo from the Maritime University expressed his gratitude for the work of the East Center and introduced the role of the Hai Da Technology Transfer Company in the university's university-industry research work. Director Mo said that HaiDa Technology Transfer Company implements market-oriented corporate operation in order to be closer to the market demand and provide practical and effective support for the university's industry-university-research docking. Director Mo also said that this tripartite meeting can provide guidance and assistance to the service of HaiDa Technology Transfer on Fangyan Intelligent Project from different angles such as policy support, technical service and market consultation.

This visit and exchange is an exploration of the joint cooperation between the Eastern Center and Shanghai Technology Transfer Service Organization to provide comprehensive technology services for enterprises, which also laid a good foundation for further cooperation.

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