A delegation from the Danish Confederation of Industry (DI) Business Development China visited us.

       In the morning of March 12, Peter, the head of International Business Development Department of Danish Industry Federation (DIF) in China, and his delegation visited the National Technology Transfer East Center (NTTEC).

At the meeting, Hu Tianqi from the Operation Department of Technology Mall introduced the development history, business composition, platform construction, policy operation and results trading of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center to the visitors, and Peter inquired about the results repository of the Eastern Center, the construction of functional platforms such as the Technology Mall, project services in the technology transfer and transformation chain, as well as the operation mode of university technology transfer platforms, etc., and discussed with them about the operation mode of university technology transfer platforms. The personnel of the Eastern Center had an exchange. After that, Ms. Ye Lei of International Channel Department briefly introduced the international layout of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, focused on the operation of the Nordic Sub-center, and discussed with the visitors on the selection of overseas layout points of the Eastern Center and the ways of cooperation between the two sides.

In addition, Peter, Head of International Business Development China of Confederation of Danish Industry (CDI), introduced the development, construction and business scope of CDI, and explained the operation and service methods of overseas and Chinese branches of CDI. The two sides exchanged views on technology transfer consulting and project matching, and focused on the upcoming 4th China Innovation Challenge, Peter agreed with the approach of promoting innovation capacity of enterprises through the Innovation Challenge, and expressed the willingness of Danish enterprises to participate in the Challenge.

Through this exchange, both parties reached a willingness to carry out more cooperation in related fields, and expressed their expectation to establish smooth communication channels to realize technical exchange and promotion between Danish and Chinese enterprises.

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