Challenge--New Materials Competition Successfully Held

On November 16, the Third China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the First Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge-Flying Sky Zhizhi New Materials Competition were successfully held in Shanghai Nasa Composite Materials Technology Co.

As a beneficial exploration and practice in promoting the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, in recent years, the China Innovation Challenge has not only built a demand-focused supply and demand matching platform for scientific and technological achievements, but also used "scientific research reward" and "research and development crowdsourcing" to solve the problem of enterprises' "demand for scientific and technological achievements". Key technical issues of technological innovation and industry commonality.

The New Material Competition selected two high-value requirements from the many demands for new materials, and called for technical solutions for the challengers. After the face-to-face communication between the enterprise demand side and the technical solution supplier, the jury selected the most satisfactory technical solution and team, and the organizer facilitated the cooperation between the two sides.

Through the "demand crowd-sourcing" approach, China Innovation Challenge openly collects solutions to technical problems, builds a high-end platform for the connection between technological achievements and technological needs, and further broadens the path of transformation of technological achievements. As a professional service organization of China Innovation Challenge, FTZ, together with FEITIAN, will promote deeper docking between experts and enterprises, continuously follow up the project docking situation, effectively solve enterprises' technological innovation needs, and promote cooperation between industry, university and research.

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