Leaders of the Central Economic Commission of the Democratic Progressive Alliance, Executive Chairman of Wenzhou Small and Medium Enterprises Development Association and his delegation went to the East National Technology Transfer Center to visit and exchange views.

On the morning of May 24, the famous economist, deputy director of the Economic Commission of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Zhou Dewen, president of the China Institute of Production and Finance Economics, and Huang Haowei, executive chairman of the Wenzhou SME Development Promotion Association, led a delegation to the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center for a visit and exchange. Ms. Wang Yi, Director of the Blockchain Application Center of Shanghai Technology Exchange, led the delegation to visit the hall on the first floor, the activity hall on the second floor and the office space on the 13th floor. Mr. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, briefly introduced the development status, strategic planning, global distribution and future development of the Eastern Center, and hoped that more Wenzhou entrepreneurs would participate in the science and technology innovation activities in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta in the future.

At the symposium, Director Wang Yi introduced the positioning, layout and business of the blockchain application center of the Shanghai Technology Exchange, focusing on the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Application Association under preparation, Liang Sheng, responsible for the enterprise strategy consulting forum, highlighted the blockchain landing project of overseas enterprises, the development trend of domestic enterprises and how to enterprise + blockchain incubation, and Liu Rong, responsible for the teaching forum, focused on blockchain training. Situation. President Zhou was very interested after listening to the relevant introduction, and proposed that the visit and exchange to the East Center of National Technology Transfer came with a purpose, one is training, at present blockchain technology is very hot, and Wenzhou entrepreneurs are also eager to learn to understand blockchain and embrace it. After understanding the purpose, teachers, practices and services of the blockchain advanced training course held by the East Center, he affirmed the initiative of holding the course and hoped that more Wenzhou entrepreneurs would be guided into the blockchain training of the East Center in the future. "He went to Wenzhou to conduct training courses. The second is the application, Zhou Dean knows the hardships of traditional enterprise development, he is also currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhonghe Zhengdao Asset Management Group, which is a service team specializing in providing crisis response strategies for enterprises, the equivalent of "corporate hospital", to help enterprises resolve crises, eliminate risks, self-rescue rebirth, can the application of blockchain technology to solve Some of the difficulties faced by enterprises are worth considering. Third, cooperation, I hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the East Center, to explore the space for cooperation between the two sides, to form cooperation intentions, to reach a win-win cooperation. The two sides said that in the future, they can actively explore the cooperation mode between Shanghai and Wenzhou, and can rely on their respective resources to seek greater and deeper cooperation.

Finally, Director Wang Yi expressed that he was very pleased that President Zhou came to the center with a special team. Today's communication was very frank, and President Zhou is highly respected.

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