2018 National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Shanghai International Technology Mall Special Matchmaking Exchange Meeting Successfully Held

"We are now in great need of achievement transformation platforms like the East Center, International Technology Mall and University Technology Market to provide us with technology industrialization services, and we must work closely with you in the future." Zhang Qianqing, supervisor of Shanghai Yidian Holding (Group) Company and general manager of Shanghai Magneton Magnetic Industry Co. said excitedly at the 2018 National Technology Transfer Eastern Center Electronic Chamber of Commerce Special Matching and Exchange Meeting.

On May 18 by the National Center for Technology Transfer East, together with Shanghai Hanson Law Firm, Shanghai Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Industry Association and Shanghai International Technology Mall, held the 2018 Electronic Chamber of Commerce Special Exchange Meeting. The meeting invited Zhang Dinghua, Secretary General of the Shanghai Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Hou Gang, Manager of Shanghai Power Tools Institute Co. Attendance.

At the meeting, Lu Jijun, assistant president of the National Technology Transfer East Center and general manager of the Shanghai National University Technology Market, introduced the strategic development direction and main business of the East Center and Shanghai International Technology Mall, as a functional platform for technology transfer that Shanghai focuses on building, which is to implement and land well the policies that are conducive to enterprise innovation, to the transformation of scientific research results, and to enhance the service level of service institutions. The East Center hopes to link up with industry associations, chambers of commerce and other industrial organizations to jointly promote innovation and development in professional fields.

The participants discussed the policies of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Vouchers and the Innovation Challenge, and agreed that Shanghai, through the Science and Technology Innovation Vouchers policy and the activities of the first Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge, has played a positive role in helping enterprises reduce innovation costs, stimulate innovation vitality, improve service capabilities of organizations and create an innovation environment. Implement the City's policies and work with the East Center to implement relevant policies into the company's technological innovation.

We agree that the success of technology transfer is not the work of a single person, but the cooperation of all parties is required, and it is our unanimous goal to serve all subjects in the whole chain of technology transfer and ultimately contribute to the success of technology transfer. We are committed to the attitude of "speaking frankly about needs and providing sincere services" in our technology transfer business.


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