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Founded in 1960, Shanghai Second University of Technology is a multi-disciplinary institution of higher learning with a focus on engineering and the coordinated development of economics, management, arts and sciences. The university has 11 colleges and universities, including 6 disciplines and 20 majors in engineering, economics, management, literature, science, art, etc., with 37 undergraduate majors.

The university has set up three knowledge service teams, including mechatronics, measurement and control and information technology, e-waste resources and environmental functional materials, as well as the Shuguang Research Institute and nine specialized research institutes, which are composed of more than 100 young doctors, and on this basis, the research direction can be condensed, cooperation and crossover can be enhanced, the transformation of achievements can be promoted and specialized technical services can be provided for the society. The university has set up a technology transfer center, which is responsible for the promotion and transformation of the university's scientific and technological achievements.

The university has built collaborative innovation platforms such as the Shanghai E-Waste Resourceization Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation and Development Center, the Shanghai Industrial Design (Modern Living Goods) Design-Technology Public Service Platform and the Credit Research Center, and has established a wide range of cooperative relationships with all walks of life. In the Yangtze River Delta region, the university has set up a number of technology transfer workstations or industry-academia-research workstations, providing a full range of technical services for enterprises in the fields of electronics and automatic control, mechatronics, computer and information technology, environmental engineering and new materials.

        Low-cost iron phosphate products and application development
Iron phosphate or hydroxy iron phosphate is a wide range of important chemical raw materials. Ordinary purity iron phosphate can be used for fillers, anti-corrosion coatings, catalysts and other raw materials, high purity iron phosphate can be used for lithium iron phosphate, antique ceramics raw materials. Through the purification of low-purity iron phosphate or made of ferric hydroxyphosphate, can improve the added value of the product.

The project further purifies low cost low purity iron phosphate containing certain impurities to obtain high purity iron phosphate or ferric hydroxyphosphate. The purification process is simple and environmentally friendly, and has a high industrialization value.

Priority for industrial and local areas: raw materials for lithium battery cathode materials, antique ceramics, anti-corrosion coatings and catalysts.

        Virtual Reality (VR) based interactive technology teaching platform
This project is a platform based on virtual reality interaction technology and applies this technology to the education industry. Through virtual reality technology, the real control system and equipment can control the automation production line in the virtual reality environment, and the equipment of the virtual automation production line can achieve the same action and reaction as in the real environment, thus solving the problem of insufficient teaching space and experimental equipment, and also replacing different three-dimensional scenes and equipment according to the need to improve students' practical ability and on-site cognition. This will be a new revolutionary progress compared to the previous teaching equipment.

For various experiments that are dangerous or harmful to human health, in the past, TV videos were usually used instead of experiments, so students could not directly participate in experiments to gain perceptual understanding. The use of virtual reality technology to conduct experiments can eliminate these concerns. In the virtual experimental environment, students can feel at ease to carry out all kinds of dangerous or harmful experiments.

The use of virtual reality can also completely break the limits of space. From the largest of cosmic objects to the smallest of particle yards, students can enter and observe inside these objects. For example, students can go inside a virtual power plant and examine the workings of the various components of the generator and the interconnections between each of them to understand the entire power generation process in a way that television video media and physical media cannot. Virtual technology can also transcend time constraints; changes that would take decades or even centuries to observe can be presented to students in a short period of time through virtual reality technology.

        Automatic barn cleaning robot
This project is a kind of mobile robotic product for agricultural and animal husbandry pasture cleanup, can be autonomous indoor positioning navigation, automatic charging, according to the task demand to complete regular, fixed-point indoor pasture cleanup work. The project is subject to small site constraints, high degree of automation, no similar products in the field, is a pilot product with strong application prospects.

Priority use of industrial areas and local areas: the product is suitable for animal husbandry livestock breeding, such as cattle and sheep indoor farming in the case of pasture cleaning. It has a good application prospect in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, where the animal husbandry industry is developed.

        Natural plant liquid absorption - microwave UV catalytic oxidation technology integrated exhaust gas purification system
The project coupled with "natural plant extract absorption - microwave UV catalytic oxidation technology" to develop the exhaust gas purification system, the natural plant extract is green and pollution-free, which can effectively adsorb and remove hard-to-degrade organic halogenated pollutants; microwave drive electrodeless UV light catalytic technology can instantly produce strong oxidizing ozone, reactive oxygen groups and strong oxidizing oxygen groups. Free radicals completely degrade mineralized volatile organic pollutants; the subsequent treatment of natural plant extracts atomization can effectively reduce the remaining ozone content, while further capturing volatile gases missed in the previous process. The exhaust gas purification system is economical in investment, convenient in maintenance, green in environmental protection and efficient in treatment.

The relevant technologies derived from this project are high-end scientific research results, and the oriented technical fields belong to the key development direction of the national environmental protection field, which can help domestic and foreign petrochemicals (petrochemicals, petroleum refining), organic chemicals (organic chemical raw materials, synthetic materials, plastic products), pharmaceuticals and chemicals, surface coating (transportation equipment manufacturing, general and special equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment, and equipment). (machinery manufacturing), solvent use and storage and transportation, landfill and incineration, and other industries that significantly reduce investment and operation and maintenance costs.

The product can be applied to the industrial field: petrochemical, petroleum refining, organic chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, surface coating, landfill and incineration, sewage treatment and other processes of odor and volatile organic gas standard treatment.

        Intelligent Magnetic Levitation System-Automatic 360 degree artwork display

Intelligent Maglev - Automatic 360 degree artwork display products will be applied to artwork, so that the application of magnetic levitation technology into the lives of the general public. Magnetic levitation technology will not only be applied to high-end technology such as maglev trains or appear in science fiction movies. Combined with the latest intelligent system to achieve the intelligence of the magnetic levitation and 360-degree display, so that people automatically levitate, people walk automatically end suspension, reduce power consumption and save energy.

Solve the problem of difficult to find suspension points, to achieve their own suspension of objects, not in the artificial search for suspension points, to solve the problem of poor do-it-yourself ability. Make the magnetic levitation more automatic, more intelligent, close to people's lives, to create a more intelligent life for people.

Currently on the market only some products with artificial control of the magnetic levitation, has not appeared intelligent control, can not do automatic levitation technology. On the one hand, this product can realize the automatic levitation of the magnetic levitation, and intelligent, greatly reducing the user's difficulty. On the other hand, increase the science fiction color, make the product tall, improve the playability and admirability.

The product can not only be used in works of art, but also can be used in some exhibitions and other activities, the exhibits will be suspended for a 360-degree all-round display, to improve the degree of exhibition, so that people more comprehensive understanding of the product, and improve the level of exhibition.

This product is suitable for various exhibitions, displays, shop windows and other decorations, artwork display occasions, can be applied to the museum, shopping malls and tourist places.

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