Singing the Song of Workers, Saluting the Model Workers --- Warmly Congratulating CEO Yan Mingfeng on Being Awarded the National May Day Labor Medal

 Gorky said that labor is the source of all joy and all good things in the world.
       Today, it is a beautiful day for workers to get together and celebrate. In order to commend exemplary workers and advanced workers and promote the spirit of exemplary workers, Yangpu District celebrated "May Day" International Labor Day and May Day Labor Award Ceremony was held in Hudong Workers' Cultural Palace, with Zhuge Yujie, Secretary of CPC Yangpu District Committee, Xie Jiangang, Deputy Secretary of District Committee and Mayor, Tang Haidong, Deputy Secretary of District Committee, Tang Haidong, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of District People's Congress, Deputy Director of District Federation of Trade Unions, and other officials. Chairman Mak Bilinian, Vice Mayor Huang Hong, and Vice Chairman Zhou Hai of the CPPCC National Committee attended the conference. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of National Technology Transfer Eastern Center and Deputy General Manager of Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, was awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal and the title of Model Worker Innovation Studio, becoming one of the most dazzling protagonists at the conference.图1:颁奖大会现场舞台Figure 1: Live stage at the award ceremony
       Amidst the laughter and singing of the large-scale stage performance "Labor is the most glorious", the award ceremony was slowly drawn to a close. Tang Haidong, Deputy Secretary of Yangpu District Party Committee, on behalf of Yangpu District Party Committee and District Government, expressed high praise and respect to the exemplary workers and advanced workers who had made outstanding contributions to the construction and development of Yangpu District and extended greetings to them. He said in his speech that Yangpu is now facing a great opportunity to build a globally influential science and technology center in Shanghai, and a new starting point, a new stage and a new form require us to do more. He also put forward three hopes on behalf of the district party committee and district government: first, we should bear in mind the historical mission and give full play to the role of the main force; second, we should vigorously promote the spirit of model workers and provide strong economic wealth for the innovative development of Yangpu; third, we should actively set up new model workers, focus on major projects and key areas, and identify and cultivate model workers from the grass-roots front-line workers in line with the focus of Yangpu's social and economic development. Advanced, a steady stream of new models of advanced training out.图2:杨浦区区委副书记唐海东致辞Figure 2: Address by Tang Haidong, Deputy Secretary of Yangpu District Party Committee
       Mr. Zhuge Yujie, Secretary of Yangpu District Party Committee, personally presented the certificates and bonuses to the winners. 8 Shanghai Workers' Pioneers and 13 winners of the May Day Labor Medal were honored. As the only winner of the National Labour Medal in Yangpu District, Yan Mingfeng, the president of the company, was applauded with thunderous applause at the moment he received the award. When asked how to lead the team to play a role in the construction of Yangpu District Science and Technology Innovation Center, Mr. Yan expressed his gratitude to the Yangpu District Party Committee and government for their strong support to the successful transformation of science and technology, to the model innovation studio and to himself. He will lead the studio team to work courageously, pragmatically and innovatively, focusing on the strategic mission of locating the eastern center in Yangpu to gather global resources, and work hard to practice the integration of technology and capital, which will contribute to the construction of Yangpu District Science and Technology Innovation Center.图3:杨浦区区委书记诸葛宇杰向获奖者颁奖Figure 3: Zhuge Yujie, Secretary of the Yangpu District Party Committee, presents the award to the winners.图4:颜明峰执行总裁被授予五一劳动奖章Figure 4: CEO Yan Mingfeng was awarded the May 1st Labor Medal.图5:颜明峰执行总裁作为五一劳动奖章获得者代表发言Figure 5: CEO Yan Mingfeng speaks as a representative of the May 1st Labor Medal winners.
       As part of the glorious community of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center, the employee representatives who came to the conference witnessed the glorious moment when President Yan Mingfeng received the award, and felt extremely proud and excited. Led by Mr. Zou Shujun, Vice President of the East China Center for National Technology Transfer, a team of 24 employees shouted the slogan "Explore the unknown, innovate in science and technology, promote Yangpu, and strive to be a pacesetter", which pushed the atmosphere of the meeting to a climax and showed the good spirit of the East China Center.图6:国家技术转移东部中心宣誓方队Figure 6: National Center for Technology Transfer East (NCTE) Swearing Party

President Yan Mingfeng's advanced deeds.图7:国家技术转移东部中心执行总裁,上海杨浦科技创业中心有限公司副总经理颜明峰Figure 7: Mr. Yan Mingfeng, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Innovation Center Co.
       Mr. Yan Mingfeng, CEO of National Technology Transfer East Center, Deputy General Manager and Economist of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center Ltd. 2011-2012, Shanghai Advanced Individual in Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service, Shanghai Model Worker in 2014, National Labor Medal in 2015.
       During his work at the Yangpu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, Mr. Yan served as manager of the Enterprise Introduction Department, Enterprise Development Department and Environmental Protection Department, as well as deputy general manager of the Entrepreneurship Center, and was also a counselor for a number of technology companies for a long period of time, accumulating senior incubator enterprise management and service experience, especially in technology development, R & D team management, tax law, human resource management has unique experience, the enterprises he counseled involve Various industries in the high tech sector have been rapidly developed in the start-up phase. The many service process innovation and management model innovation activities led by the Yangpu Entrepreneurship Center have played an important role in the business performance, and have been widely recognized and praised by the relevant government departments and the community.
       On April 23, 2015, the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center was officially inaugurated with Comrade Yan Mingfeng as the CEO. With the experience accumulated in the operation of incubators and the deep understanding of technology transfer and transformation, Yan led the team to make the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center initially form a unique fourth-party platform for providing business demonstrations in less than a year: establish eight basic service product systems and eight unique service packages; integrate domestic and foreign technology intermediary service resources in the form of technology intermediary innovation vouchers, build A technology transfer service platform has been set up, and BVIC Databank has been created, opening a window for domestic enterprises to connect with world-class technology. By the end of 2015, it had opened up 37 domestic and foreign channels, provided 10,990 pieces of information on technology supply and demand, cultivated 394 technology brokers and 285 institutions, reserved 329 industry experts and collected 4,292 pieces of information on enterprises.
       "The East Center under his leadership has started a comprehensive exploration in technology transfer innovation concept and platform system construction, and the GSE, Kechuang Gang, Creative Space, and East Think Tank are constantly pushing out new directions on the way forward. With the endless pursuit of innovation, Yan Mingfeng leads his team to continuously explore and practice, and East Center will surely present a brand new technology transfer system to the world.图8:国家技术转移东部中心执行总裁,上海杨浦科技创业中心有限公司副总经理颜明峰Figure 8: Mr. Yan Mingfeng, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Yangpu Science and Technology Innovation Center Co.

        Mingfeng Technology Transfer Transformation Studio Introduction.
        The model innovation studio is an expert team composed of model workers with expertise in technology, business, education, scientific research, etc. and certain theoretical level, working experience and innovation ability, who carry out technical innovation, management innovation, service innovation and other activities around the unit's production and operation activities and work priorities and difficulties, and transform advanced technology, experience, methods and achievements into real productivity skilled personnel organizations.
        The awarded "Mingfeng Technology Transfer Transformation Studio" was established on the basis of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, and the team led by President Yan Mingfeng will 1) promote technology transfer elements aggregation through model innovation; 2) operate technology transfer transformation through market-oriented mechanism; 3) promote enterprise transformation and upgrading through open innovation. 4. to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements with an operating platform for the transformation of achievements; 5. to create a technology transfer system with innovative ideas in various areas such as the integration of science and technology capital to catalyze the transformation of achievements, covering the entire process of technology transfer. At present, the contents that have been landed or are being promoted are.
        Innovation vouchers for science and technology intermediary services: These are "valuable vouchers" that encourage enterprises and entrepreneurs to share and use various science and technology innovation resources and services, and are mainly used to subsidize enterprises in carrying out science and technology innovation activities and various innovation carriers in providing innovation and entrepreneurship services.
        BVIC Databank: collates information on MIT disciplines, departments, labs and inventors, and all their published US patents.
        Kechuang: directly serve the technical achievement team to help realize the transformation of the results, aiming at making each innovative technology with application value productized and industrialized by means of tools + data + human service.
        University technology supply system: a complete set of university technology transfer supply system, including the Shanghai Cooperation Alliance of Universities and Institutes, the university technology transfer information system platform, the professional platform of university technology transfer transformation, and the market inquiry of university technology transfer transformation.
        Fourth-party platforms: Integrate resources such as technology provision, technology demand, technology transfer brokers and other value-added service providers to establish rules and process guidance in the technology transfer market and to provide business models for innovative technology transfer operations.
        Technology Exchange: design technology securitization products to provide a channel for early stage technology fund exit and to prepare for further extension of technology products to the New Third Board market.图9:颜明峰和团队Figure 9: Yan Mingfeng and team

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