On the second day of the fair, there were still a lot of people coming and going, and the East Center's exhibition area, as the main event of the technology exhibition, was more and more popular. The visitors were interested in and agreed with the technology transfer platform system built by the East Center.

Technology and innovation, ideas first, and listen to a little about "our functional platform."

 1、G0 Bench Makerspace

G0 Bench is East Center's brand of makerspaces. As one of today's trendiest words, makerspaces provide a space for makers to communicate, learn, and help, and the little ones find makerspaces fun. The East Center wants to create makerspaces that are not only fun, but also useful. As a result, our makerspaces have three features.

(1) Complete hardware infrastructure. Right in the Bay Valley Technology Park we have built an entire advanced processing workshop including digital machine tools, engraving machines, sandblasting machines, etc..

(2) On-call professional technical team. Provide intellectual support services such as training, consultancy, assessment, etc..

(3) Subsequent technology transfer services can be directly connected. For commercially developed technologies, we can immediately connect them with supply chain financing, engineering technology consulting, technology verification experimental platform, etc., greatly accelerating the process of entering the market.

 2、Talent Training Base

The most valuable thing in the 21st century is talent, and the most valuable thing in the technology transfer industry is still talent. Faced with the blue ocean of technology transfer, it is not enough to rely on East Center alone, so East Center takes talent cultivation as an important foundation for the sustainable development of the industry and proposes the idea of establishing a talent cultivation base. Talent cultivation can be broken down into sub-sections such as cultivation targets, teachers, teaching materials, supporting resources, etc. East Center has made detailed planning, for example, the cultivation targets can be subdivided into top, top+, and post-top elites, and the supporting resources can be used to build a technology transfer library and a lifelong learning platform.

 3. Science, technology and innovation vouchers (technology intermediation services)

The East Center is entrusted by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission to manage the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Vouchers (S&T intermediary services). Innovation vouchers are quota vouchers issued with financial funds to support the purchase of technology services by technology enterprises from service providers. The East Center issues innovation vouchers to enterprises, with which enterprises can purchase services from technology intermediaries, and technology intermediaries cash in on policy subsidies. In simple terms, innovation vouchers are a link that organically connects enterprises, government and innovation resources. For enterprises, there are many advantages to using innovation vouchers.

First, to significantly reduce the cost of STI.

Second, to stimulate independent innovation.

Thirdly, innovation needs are directly connected to a number of high-level science and technology service providers.

 4、Technology validation experimental platform

The scientific and technological achievements of an enterprise do not necessarily mean that they can be directly transformed into economic benefits, but without the baptism of the actual battle, the boat of the transformation of the achievements can be overturned just like that. The solution proposed by East Center is to provide the highest level of rigorous testing before the products enter the market, so as to minimize the technological risk of enterprises. At present, East Center has set up five technology verification labs with several leading enterprises in the industry, covering many frontier fields such as Internet+, smart manufacturing and medical devices, and serving hundreds of enterprises.

 5、Network layout

The development of technology transfer system, industrialization and branding cannot be accomplished independently by one organization, one city and one country. At present, the East Center has formed the construction of overseas sub-centers with North America, Europe and Singapore as fulcrums, the expansion of "One Belt, One Road" sub-centers with Xinjiang, Gansu and Yunnan as grasps, and the operation of sub-centers in the Yangtze River Delta region with Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangsu as entry points.

 6. Technology Exchange

The Shanghai Technology Exchange has been in operation for 23 years and is the main platform for the transfer and transformation of technological achievements in Shanghai. To complement the construction of the Science and Innovation Center, the East Center will upgrade the Shanghai Technology Exchange, with the core objective of promoting the industrialization of technological achievements through the innovation of technology trading mechanism. The future system of the Shanghai Technology Exchange will include three core functions: transaction module, information module and service module, as well as a number of extended functions such as financial support, equity M&A and talent cultivation.

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Behind the gorgeous aura must be the silent work and hard work of "our work team."

At the fair, in the face of 50,000 people flow and the high attention from all walks of life, from the reception and introduction of leaders at all levels, the consultation of people at all levels, the organization and coordination of all kinds of release activities, all kinds of media interviews and questions, to invite guests to accommodation arrangements, on-site tea break preparation, equipment maintenance and adjustment, on-site order assurance, to live SMS broadcast, highlight news of the day report, media releases and follow-up. .......Our work can be carried out in an orderly and smooth manner because of the silent contribution of our team. We are family. We're proud to have a team like this, love you guys, yum yum!

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