Chinese demand, global unveiling of the list! China-Russia project online matchmaking meeting successfully held

On the afternoon of September 9, under the active coordination of the Eastern National Center for Technology Transfer (hereinafter referred to as "Eastern Center") and the Skolkovo Skolkovo Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as "SK Innovation Center"), the SK Innovation Center for Biomedical Science and Technology Transfer (hereinafter referred to as "SK Innovation Center") was established. DRD, a cluster star company, held a successful online matchmaking meeting with Fosun Group to discuss the needs of "Predictive technology for prevention of elderly falls and strokes" released by Fosun Group. Representatives from East Center International Channel Department, SK Innovation Center China Representative Office, DRD CEO, DRD China Investor, Fosun Group Product and Technology Innovation Center, Fosun Health Care Group, Fosun Rehabilitation Hospital, Fosun Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Business Unit and other departments participated in the event.

During the meeting, DRD's CEO first introduced the company's rapid blood test kit for determining brain injury after stroke. The product can provide evaluation for patients who have suffered a stroke or transient cerebral ischemic attack, helping physicians to determine treatment options, as well as helping to screen patients at high risk for certain elevated antibody titers, facilitating personalized treatment and prevention. The test results can also be sent to physicians remotely, allowing them to adjust treatment strategies for patients undergoing treatment. The project has been successfully patented in China since May this year.

Fosun Group recognized the technical level of the project, and the two parties discussed its effectiveness and application prospects in domestic stroke screening and detection scenarios. The product will formally complete the domestic registration process within half a year, and Fosun Retirement Group expressed its willingness to DRD to further exchange details of the product, and expressed its intention to conduct trials and tests of the product.

Fosun Group participated in the 5th China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge for Large Enterprises hosted by the Eastern Center in 2020-2021, which is the Year of Sino-Russian Technology Innovation.The Eastern Center also assisted Fosun in matching with overseas technology teams interested in solving the needs of enterprises through its network of overseas channels.SK Innovation Center as Russia's Largest Innovation and Technology Park , which has more than 2,500 innovative companies, mainly in the four major fields of IT, biomedical, energy and Industry 4.0, as well as former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is also the chairman of the board of directors of the innovation center. In the future, the Eastern Innovation Center will further coordinate and promote the matching of the two sides, and promote the cooperation and exchange between China and Russia in the field of science and technology innovation.


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