Shanghai-Dalian Science and Technology Cooperation and Exchange Activities Successfully Held

In order to promote the "Shanghai Linkage Cooperation" to bring the successful experience of Shanghai in science and technology, finance and other fields to Dalian and help the development of local enterprises, on the afternoon of August 24, with the support and guidance of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Dalian Science and Technology Bureau and Dalian Hi-Tech Industrial Park Administrative Committee, the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center and Dalian Branch Center jointly with Dalian Hi-Tech Zone and Dalian High-Tech Industrial Park Management Committee, Dalian Branch Center and Dalian High-Tech Industrial Park Management Committee have been established. The Financial Work Office and Shanghai Science and Technology Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly held the "2020 Shanghai-Dalian Science and Technology Counterpart Cooperation and Exchanges, Online Session on Ktron Board Training".

The training invited Ge Weijia, Regional Director of Market Service of Shanghai Stock Exchange, as the guest speaker, which attracted nearly 50 enterprises to participate. The course mainly focused on the listing process and policy interpretation of the board. The guest speaker explained the policies, processes, conditions and laws and regulations of the board for enterprises in need of listing on the board and shared relevant successful cases. The local enterprises who participated in the course said that they had a better understanding of the listing process of enterprises on the board and their knowledge had been improved.

Dalian Branch of the Eastern National Technology Transfer Center aims to help local enterprises innovate and develop by connecting with Shanghai's high-quality technology, talents and other resources, and to promote enterprise collaboration and innovation. As one of the series of "2020 Shanghai-Dalian Science and Technology Exchange & Matching Online Activity", this activity uses the online live broadcast mode to build a "continuous, professional, efficient and multi-format" science and technology exchange and matchmaking platform during the epidemic prevention and control period. The Eastern National Technology Transfer Center will continue to provide Dalian with training courses related to science and technology services to better serve the development of enterprises.

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