The Yangtze River Delta Dual-Tracking Demonstration Base Alliance's Dual-Tracking Vouchers are a win-win collaboration.

On July 23, the Hefei High-tech Zone and the East China National Technology Transfer Center (ECTTC) invited leaders from Yangpu District of Shanghai, Wujin District of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Nanhu District of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, and Hefei High-tech Zone of Anhui Province to Hefei to discuss issues related to the Yangtze River Delta Dual-Creative Demonstration Base Alliance (YCDBDA) Dual-Creative Voucher.

Xu Zhaohui, Deputy Director of the Hefei High-Tech Zone Science and Technology Bureau, delivered a speech at the meeting. She said that Hefei has rich science and education resources, and the vouchers are positioned as a result transfer and peer-to-peer technology transfer so that the vouchers can be used to create excellent results.

Ma Qing, Deputy Director of the Yangpu District Science and Technology Commission, expressed his views on the future development direction of the dual-venture vouchers. He believed that the four regions should make full use of their respective advantages and resources to provide cross-regional services. "Cross-regional" is the cornerstone of the Twin Venture Voucher of the Yangtze River Delta Dual Innovation Demonstration Base Alliance, as well as the tenet of the voucher policy.

Jin Yaqin, Party Secretary of the Science and Technology Bureau of Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, agreed with Director Ma Qing's views, and then introduced the operation of Nanhu Dual Innovation Vouchers to the participants. In the first half of this year, South Lake District issued nearly 10 million innovation vouchers, and to mitigate the negative impact of the epidemic, it was suggested to increase the amount of the dual-venture vouchers moderately.

Zhu Yizhi, Director of Changzhou Wujin District Science and Technology Innovation Center, shared his experience in the operation of dual-venture vouchers. He said that dual-venture vouchers should not be ordinary innovation vouchers, but should be developed in a wrong direction. The vouchers should subsidize better quality projects and encourage cross-regional cooperation so as to better realize the integration strategy of the Yangtze River Delta.

At the end of the meeting, Li Li, Vice President of the East China National Technology Transfer Center, made a speech on behalf of the operating team of Shuang Chuan Vouchers. She said that Shuang Chuan Vouchers, as a model of many innovation vouchers, must be good in terms of quantity and highlight, and develop a new model of general exchange in the Yangtze River Delta to better serve science and technology innovation and create an innovation effect.

After discussion, the four parties reached a consensus to work closely, efficiently and mutually beneficially in the future work of the vouchers, to make full use of their respective advantages and accelerate the development of the technology service industry.

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