Artificial Intelligence Session

Today at 14:00, Inno-Express 2020, organized by the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market, InnoSpace and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, directed by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Minhang District Science and Technology Commission, and supported by Shanghai Nan Hongqiao Investment and Development Co. --Artificial Intelligence special event is on time. As a warm-up activity for the 2020 Pujiang Innovation Forum and Global Technology Transfer Conference, the Shanghai International Technology Exchange Market (SITEM) has teamed up with high quality and professional international technology transfer service providers to promote global AI technology achievements and enhance the influence of the industry, and quality technology projects from the events will have the opportunity to be showcased at the Global Technology Transfer Conference.

The roadshow was centered around the theme of artificial intelligence and featured five Hong Kong innovation projects selected by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.


Artificial Intelligence Building Inspection -Integrated IoT sensors can microscopically inspect the building's internal structure through drones and robots and effectively conduct big data analysis, assess the building's potential risks and perform projection analysis, which can provide more accurate inspection analysis than traditional practices, saving 50% more time and costs.

Robotic kitchen systems...It can be fully automated, with automatic cooking, cleaning and precise timing without human intervention. It uses high-performance heating technology to improve taste, modular design and centralized cloud control to improve efficiency, and complies with food safety and hygiene requirements in most countries.

Advanced Mosfet & IGBT development--Custom designed for the power industry and power devices with proprietary technology and advanced power semiconductor patents, such as the market's top shielded gate FETs and IGBT Gen 6.

Wearable technology for breast scanning -Meet population-based genetic breast health monitoring and early breast cancer screening solutions by providing convenient wearable solutions that are the only devices available that use circadian metabolic cycles to detect cancer early and painlessly, and are radiation-free.

Natural Language Processing Platform -The Advanced Language Model with hybrid language capabilities for the Asian market is a high-level contextual model for complex business scenarios with a complete NLP pipeline, including commercial natural language generation systems and knowledge graphs.

The roadshow invited three experts with rich experience in AI investment - Mr. Yu Jiangchuan, Partner of Habeas Capital, Mr. Li Yicheng, Partner of Qingyuan New Generation AI Industry Fund, and Mr. Bai Songtao, Managing Partner of Beijing Eagle Fund, to comment and ask questions about the project online. The three experts gave high praise to the semiconductor Mosfet & IGBT project, saying that it has a leading technology level, high potential for market cooperation and can be industrialized to a high degree, and will continue to pay attention to its future development.

In the coming August, the Shanghai International Technology Exchange will continue to work with domestic and foreign service organizations to bring more exciting overseas project results to enterprises and organizations that are interested in related fields.

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