Challenge China Baowu Special Session (Smart Manufacturing) Successfully Held

The 3rd China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai) and the 1st Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge China Baowu Special Competition China Baowu Industry Resource Matching Activity (in the field of intelligent manufacturing) was successfully held in Wusongkou Entrepreneurship Park on September 28. This demand matching activity builds a bridge for enterprises and technical parties to exchange ideas and find cooperation opportunities, opens a channel for SMEs and entrepreneurs to participate in the open innovation of large enterprises, and encourages the integration and development of large SMEs and collaborative innovation.

In order to promote the development of smart manufacturing, China has released Made in China 2025 to comprehensively promote the strategy of a strong manufacturing country. Taking the China Innovation Challenge as an opportunity to promote the innovative development of the smart manufacturing industry and further promote the open innovation of large enterprises and the docking of industrial resources, the Wusongkou Venture Park Incubator and the Science, Technology and Innovation Department of China Baowu Group jointly held a demand docking activity. China Baowu Group and Saint-Gobain Group jointly announced the research and development direction and demand, while Cocoa Capital, Relay Fund and the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center also participated in the demand matching event to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the smart manufacturing industry with technology demand enterprises and project providers.

At the docking meeting, the Science and Technology Innovation Department of China Baowu Group introduced China Baowu's smart manufacturing situation and needs, as well as future action plans, under the theme of "Practice Smart Manufacturing, Build Future Steel". Baosteel Central Research Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing introduced "Intelligent Manufacturing and Technology Demand for Steel". Shengkai Li, Partner of Cocoa Capital, made a presentation on "Investment Opportunities and Development Trends in Smart Manufacturing", introducing Cocoa Capital's investment logic and typical investment cases in the smart manufacturing sector. In addition, the "Smart Manufacturing Data Collection and Distribution Management Cloud Platform Project", "Raw Material Formulation and Supply Chain Intelligent Optimization Project" and "Industrial Vision Diagnosis Solution Project" were introduced to the needs of related industries and research directions. "Three project leaders explained the project and its specific applications, and interacted with the demand side.
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The China Innovation Challenge is an innovation crowdsourcing service activity that openly solicits solutions to specific technology innovation needs through a "competition". On the basis of the 3rd China Innovation Challenge (Shanghai), the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, together with Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department and Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Department, organized the first Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Challenge to promote demand-led innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the construction of the Yangtze River Delta collaborative innovation network, and enhance the strength and comprehensive competitiveness of regional scientific and technological innovation.
China Baowu will take the Innovation Challenge as an opportunity, combine its own industrial advantages, organize and carry out the Baowu Group Special Competition, make full use of the Challenge to help enterprises solve technical problems and realize the positive role of project docking, and from the perspective of its own industrial development, organize a series of offline docking theme activities to further improve the degree of open innovation.
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