German Industry 4.0 Kickoff Lecture

  preamble   The strategy and concept of Germany's Industry 4.0 is hitting the industrial wave in Europe, Asia and America every day, week and month, tugging at the heartstrings of politicians, entrepreneurs, investors and scientists from all over the world. Over the past two years since the German government declared Industry 4.0 in 2013, China has sent many delegations to Germany to learn from the experience, and in a short period of time the Chinese government has launched the global counterpart of the China Made 2025 strategy and concept. For a time, entrepreneurship for all, factory upgrades for all and intelligence for all have become the fashion, trend and driving force for leading industrial enterprises. What is the progress of the real German Industry 4.0? How far away is it from us? Is it more of a blessing or a risk? How far-reaching will it be for us and how far-reaching will the change be? How do you see the challenge and the opportunity? In order to know oneself and one's enemy, in order to cooperate for a win-win situation, in order to explore a new path of real transformation, in order to build a place for global industry, China and Germany have once again established a new highland of cooperation: The National Technology Transfer Eastern Center (NETC), KAHRS International and the German Federation of Technology Centers (GTC) jointly sponsored by the Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone (ZJEDZ) and the German Association of Technology Centers (GTC). Ltd. (KAHRS MARKETING) will jointly present the "German Industry 4.0 Lecture Series", which will be co-organized by the Upper Bay Valley Innovation Center (BVIC) and KAHRS MARKETING, under the joint guidance of the Shanghai Harbor Area Development and Construction Management Committee and the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology. Follow the status and effect of Industry 4.0 in Germany in real time. The report will cover 100 core German companies that have introduced Industry 4.0 in the past ten years, cover 100 industries in 100 Chinese cities, help 1,000 Chinese companies to transform and upgrade, and train 10,000 Chinese engineers. 微博图片3 微博图片2

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