Help Yangpu District to build a "model room" for the transformation of results

Ltd. and Ningbo Yichen Painting Material Co., Ltd. on the "Marker Pen Automatic Sorting Line" project completed a formal signing of cooperation, the development of Yangpu Science and Technology Market has also achieved an important result.

It is worth mentioning that the cooperation between Shanghai Baytine and Ningbo Yichen is a typical representative of Yangpu Science and Technology Market to take advantage of the technological achievements and resources of enterprises in Yangpu District and export technical services to the Yangtze River Delta. With 10 universities, over 100 research institutes and thousands of high-tech enterprises, Yangpu District is a natural gathering ground for talents and technologies in Shanghai. As the first regional science and technology market in Shanghai, the Yangpu Science and Technology Market, since its inception, has taken the advantage of Yangpu District Science and Technology Highland to promote the export of technology from universities, research institutes and technology-based enterprises as one of its main service lines. Compared with the achievements of research institutes, the technological achievements of enterprises have the genes of the market from birth, which are easier to integrate with the market, and have become one of the major sources of Yangpu Science and Technology Market's achievements.
It can be said that "demand" and "results" always run through the development of Yangpu Science and Technology Market services. In the process of visiting enterprises, the staff not only needs to understand what an enterprise "wants", but also needs to find out what an enterprise can "provide", and then set up customized technology files for the enterprise, and find the appropriate technology according to the actual situation of the enterprise. Project to promote technology transfer services to the ground, blossom and bear fruit.
In the future, the Yangpu Science and Technology Market will continue to focus on the core idea of serving enterprises' innovation and development, and combine the resources of the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, Yangpu District Government and professional service organizations such as Kechuang, to make continuous efforts in enterprise visits, demand docking, technology cooperation and sharing, and help Yangpu District to build a "model room" for fruit transformation. ".

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