Sixth Day Briefing

"We are all kids king"-Children's Day activities

When I was a child, I played jumping rope, shooting foreign paintings, playing marbles, reappear in the company's activity hall......the burst of laughter from the crowd of the game brought the time back to everyone's childhood.

In order to strengthen the interaction among the members of each segment and create a warm and peaceful family atmosphere, the Group headquarters and the National Technology Transfer Center East planned a special Children's Day activity called "We are all kings of children".

The activity pressed the pause button of everyone's busy work, and opened the friendship and innocence in the hearts of the big the familiar games of childhood, remember the beautiful past of childhood, let go and embrace happiness!

With love in your heart, every day is Children's Day, and every day you're King of the Kids! May every day of our work be filled with laughter and energy!

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